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About Vapor Memory

Vapor Memory is a non-monetized music channel on YouTube created and run by one anonymous individual under the name VM. The project started in 2015 to assemble the ultimate music library, both accessible and comprehensive. It’s a personal collection of musical memories. Some of these memories could have disappeared like vapor in the abyss of internet space, so I have backed them up on the VM database for your listening pleasure.

I also network with artists and labels so that their music can be heard and supported. Bandcamp links to download the music are always in the description of every video.

In the beginning, the main focus was exploring the vaporwave genre. However, since the beginning of 2016, the channel has expanded beyond just sharing vaporwave and hosts all sorts of stuff that I enjoy: experimental electronic, ambient, techno, industrial, gabber, post-punk, synthpop, darkwave, minimal synth, digital hardcore, and even harsh noise. The genre truly doesn't matter. I just love music and love sharing it with others who love it too. 

If you choose to donate, the money will go towards buying new music for the channel so that everyone can benefit from your generosity. Donation is completely optional and I only made this Patreon so that those who feel the need to do so may have that ability.

Thank you for your continued support, and most importantly, thank you for listening!

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