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About VarnaLab

What is VarnaLab?

VarnaLab is an independent physical space evolved and used by people having common interests mainly in the IT sector (also in machines, technologies, science and digital/electronic arts) where they can meet, talk and collaborate.
VarnaLab was created on June 15-th, 2011 and is part of the hackerspaces network, which (according to their Wiki) contains over 2300 place worldwide, in Bulgaria they are 5-6 and could be seen in the Bulgarian hackerpsaces list.

What is VarnaLab's mission?

VarnaLab's mission is to be an independent physical space for sharing knowledge, ideas, technologies and also help the society with:
  • trainings
  • workshops
  • teaching
  • events
  • games
  • shared workspace
  • hacking :P
  • many others

What VarnaLab is not?

  • VarnaLab is not a company
  • VarnaLab is not a product
  • VarnaLab is not commercial organization

Can I visit VarnaLab?

Everybody could visit VarnaLab when the space is opened. This is usually after 10:00 AM during the weekdays and (not necessarily) after 11:00 AM during the weekends. You can also check our widget at the right Who is at VarnaLab now? just in case.

Who administers VarnaLab?

There is no specific person that is doing it. The organization is done by its members. All the decisions are taken after voting during the monthly meeting or in Slack #polls channel.

What kind of people could I meet in VarnaLab?

  • Geeks
  • Nerds
  • IT professionals
  • Photographers
  • Students
  • Designers
  • Painters
  • Gamers
  • many others

How could I join VarnaLab and help its evolution?

By paying membership fee, donation and/or actively participating in its activities, for example:
  • Organizing events/initiatives
  • Promotions
If you want to become VarnaLab member VarnaLab please check our Charter (Bulgarian only). If you share VarnaLab's goals and ideas - print and fill Membership application (Bulgarian only), and bring it to VarnaLab.
For your convenience there are some printed copies of the Membership application left on the counter at VarnaLab.
Please contact us using our forum if you have any good ideas. It's with very low activity though.

What are the money spent for?

Mainly for our running costs and if anything left - evolving the organization which is not so often.

Can I organize an event?

Yes, everyone could organize an event in VarnaLab.

How could I make an event?

  1. Check for available dates in our Events calendar or Facebook page.
  2. Write us in our Facebook page or choose one of the methods described in Contacts that suits you best.
  3. For more information check our How to create an event (Bulgarian only)? Wiki page.

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