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About Varner Comics

The Comic
Division 6 is a geopolitical thriller centered around two groups, a shadowy organization known as The Consortium that aims to take over the world through controlling global monetary affairs, and Division 6, a rogue organization of the CIA dedicated to stopping them. The hero, Seth Banks, is the black American James Bond – a super-spy and super-genius in cryptology, economics, and languages that works for Division 6 in secret. Global capitalism is eroding as The Consortium does everything in their power to control the fate of nations. However, Division 6 is dedicated to stopping their plot for world domination! The fate of nations hangs in the balance.

The Creator
Michael Varner, is a black male creative producer and graduate of Howard University that is passionate about telling stories that educate, entertain, and challenge conventional norms. Division 6 is his latest idea - a new comic book series featuring a black male character that is all about dressy style – an archetype that is currently absent and sorely needed in the entertainment industry. 

“It occurred to me that there is no recurring James Bond equivalent character for black men to admire or emulate, or for the public at large to see – no sexy, suave, well put together, intelligent black man that wears suits and tuxedos daily.”

Varner’s imagination lead him to think up a sexy, well dressed, highly intelligent black character that is a secret spy – Seth Banks. The character is an accomplished college professor by day and international super-spy by night.

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