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About Vegandiverkatt

<h5>Help me continue helping our oceans and marine life to thrive.</h5>All through :
  • Education of local communities about the impacts of single use plastics, over fishing, and littering.
  • Organising beach and ocean clean-ups to collect and properly dispose of trash.
  • Developing procedures and protocols to improve clean up and disposal of waste.
  • Creation of online education tools to spread the plastic-free message.
  • Development of infographics and articles for easy access to facts
Even a 1$ can make a difference in financing positive change. Vote with your wallet. Vote for people and systems who are getting out there to make a change.

The Plastic Crisis

The Ocean Plastic is a ‘planetary crisis’ dubbed by the BBC. Thankfully, due to documentaries such as the Plastic Ocean and A Blue Planet, the problems facing our world are coming to the fore front. Already 2018 has shown a positive trajectory to banning single use plastics. The Queen of England has outlawed all single use plastics on Royal Properties, Scotland is outlawing straws by 2019, The EU is talking about a ban in 2020 and many cities are working towards Zero Waste.

80% of the plastic pollution comes from just 10% of the countries.

These are mostly developing countries which do not have potable water, therefore largely rely on the cheap plastic bottles, and they have no proper disposal or the drive to properly dispose of plastic. Just check out some of the clean ups from Cambodia : on the Reef and the Beach.

While there are some amazing projects out there to clean the oceans in mass scale : Thank you Bojan Slat. However, while the Ocean Clean Up is tackling cleaning up the garbage in the Great Pacific Garbage patch. Large amounts of trash is still washed up on beaches daily around islands all over the world. Many of these small islands, produce very little garbage themselves, yet they are the unfortunate victims of the plastic pollution. Comoros is one of these nations, with Moheli getting over run with flipflops, bags, bottles and a range of other! I spent 8 months there and saw first hand the crisis our planet is facing.

The Solution

The single greatest impact you can do as an individual is to decrease your consumption of animal products. That is why I went vegan and encourage anyone to eat more plants. A plant-based lifestyle is not only beneficial for our oceans, but for the animals, and our health. I have a myriad of free resources about nutrition, food, recipes, and more to help you transition to a more plant-based lifestyle.

The second greatest thing is to use less. To refuse single-use plastic, reuse items you already have, repair and depend on natural materials and resources. That is why I have a large amount of DIY, tips, and guides on how to live a low impact lifestyle!

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To strengthen the community of earth lovers and eco warriors, to exchange ideas and try out best to help the planet!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts