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Thank you so much for your support! Every member helps us get that much closer to creating a vegan world!

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Thank you so much for your support! Every member helps us get that much closer to creating a vegan world!

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Thank you so much for your support! Every member helps us get that much closer to creating a vegan world!

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About VeganFTA

Who are we?

We are a small team of vegan activists who are committed to fighting for a vegan world. We want people to get involved in vegan activism across the board, whether it's protesting or creating a positive dialogue for change -- we support activism in all its forms.

We create videos highlighting the work of activists and animal rescuers. We write and publish articles on all aspects of veganism. We share articles, videos, and images from other creators. We've grown a large community of people who are vegan for the animals.

By joining our community, you can help expand the amount that we're able to do and increase both its reach and impact!

What can we do with your help?

  • Filmmaking: We believe some of the biggest change can come about through content creation. With your help we can fund videographers to create ongoing series and short powerful documentaries. Some of our future series ideas include:
    • an ongoing interview series featuring long-term vegans and vegan activists from around the world
    • a series following someone volunteering in animal sanctuaries and vegan groups around the world
    • an ongoing series featuring the work of street activists
    • a series showcasing the process of re-wilding old farmland to encourage people to see how moving the world to a plant-based diet can change things
    • an ongoing series featuring animal rescue stories from sanctuaries around the world
    • a behind the scenes series on how vegan activists do what they do
  • More Subtitles: We would love to have someone working part or full time creating subtitles for street activists and vegan speeches so we can get a wider reach for their work.
  • Resource Guides: Creation of free resources for other vegans and activists.
  • More Vegan Articles: We would love to be able to create more original articles about all aspects of veganism.
  • Spanish Channel Launch: We are hoping to launch a Spanish VeganFTA channel sometime this year in order to reach the large Spanish-speaking audience. We will need help managing and running that as well. 

What have we done so far?

  • Filmmaking: We’re currently on our third video series. Our first two featured rescue stories from sanctuaries around New Zealand and our third series "Eat the Change" features  vegan entrepreneurs working to bring about change through food.
  • News: We have just started a weekly news program that we are hoping to expand into an ongoing series.
  • Subtitles: We write subtitles for videos from other activists so that they can get a wider reach on Facebook.
  • Vegan Articles: We write and publish a wide array of articles from news to interviews to personal opinion pieces.
  • Content Sharing: We monitor vegan content from hundreds of content creators and activists so we can share some of the most powerful work on our network, getting it in front of more people.
  • Animal Sanctuary Content: We share and upload images and videos from animal sanctuaries in order to help people see animals as living creatures worthy of consideration and not just objects. We also hope this can help other sanctuary networks to grow as well.

How are YOU helping by becoming a Patreon supporter?

The biggest thing we need right now to expand what we are doing is financing. That will help some of our team members work on creating content full-time and also help us promote our work and the work of other activists out to the world to encourage more people to go vegan. We are currently doing everything out of pocket, so any money we receive can go directly to increasing the range of work we can do. 

Our plan is to take 75% of our earning to put towards content creation and promotion, and the other 25% to donate to a rotating monthly animal sanctuary that needs help.

We also want to know what YOU think can be the most valuable ways we can advocate for the animals. As a member you can voice your opinion and help direct us to create the most valuable content.

Are there other ways you can help?

Even if you aren't able to to donate money, there are still many ways in which we could use your help.

We are actively looking for more people who want to help create vegan video content and write articles. We are also looking for activists who have time to post about their experiences through video and/or word. We would also love to have anyone on our team who is knowledgeable about social media who can offer us some consultation. If you’re interested please send us a message!

What have other people have said about us?

"Incredible page and very informative. The admin are also nice and do a great job of managing it. Thank you for educating the masses." -Jon S

"Absolutely fantastic group also saving these gorgeous babies who have the right to live ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️" -Sue F

"I highly recommend this page. No one should be left in the dark or turn a blind eye to what is going on in the REAL world." -Lisette L

"What a wonderful page, it expresses my sentiment on the cause precisely what more is there to say? Keep up the good work
" -Lewis M

"You are doing really Great work, thank you!" -Iain C

"Great page and a voice for the animals ♥️😘" -Alexander L

"Love Vegan FTA. Always seem to say what I am thinking. Always spot on. A great voice for the animals xx" -Heather B

"Fantastic page run by compassionate, ethical, intelligent and thoughtful people. Always provide thought-provoking, interesting, informative and important posts. Awesome work people 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻" -Cat H

"Great work by wonderful, compassionate people 🐖🐄🐇🐀🐓🐔🐠🐟" -Shannon B

"Such a compassionate and interesting group. Great information too!" -Laurian S

"I love their posts. They’re very informative and eye opening. They’re doing a great job distributing information that benefits animals." -Mary T

"Great, very compassionate group! Always good content ❤️" -Angela Y

"Amazing group. Compassionate about our fellow earthlings and very informative. Thank you for all your great work." -Neet N

"Love this group. Such caring reliable ppl. They share the benefits of being a vegan👌🙌" -Amber H

"Amazing activism and consciousness regarding being mindful with our wonderful sentient fellows who we share our planet with 💖" -Tihui M

"A great source for vegans and those who want to be informed about living a kind, compassionate life. Thank you!" -Sonja F

"Love love love. Very compassionate page." -Racheal G

"Excellent, inspiring, informative posts." -Beth R

"Amazing group educating and raising awareness of the cruelty in meat and dairy industry in a non violent way. Keep up the good work" -Helen L

"I love the compassion and love this group shows for the animals! Raising awareness about the cruelty and torture that the poor souls endure through animal agriculture is so very important! well done Vegan FTA for all your hard work. The animals that you ❤" -Michelle M

"Brilliant page, very informative and full of compassion and kindness." -Sharon C

"Compassion over everything! This page is a great resource for additional information about veganism." -Noel L

"Great work to advocate kindness to animals ❤️" -Mya L

"I went vegan in 2015 for the animals after seeing posts and getting educated about factory farm atrocities. Vegan FTA gets a lot of info out to the public. Keep up the good work...for the animals." -Laura A

"They are great... They tell the truth and never give up." -Deborah T

"Love all the information provided by this site. Shining a light on the tragedy of factory farming has helped so many people change their eating habits. It has never been easier to be vegan with so many alternative products.💜" -Andrea T

“Brilliant organisation. They work tirelessly to raise awareness to stop exploitation and abuse of all animals. Thank you for all you do. -Annie B

“Thank you for educating, and showing the "back side" of how animals are treated behind the scene's; you are awesome.” -Jody E

“Compassion for animals, and transparency about what happens to farmed animals is important. Vegan FTA delivers on both counts.” -Shelly K

“I love this page. So inspiring, so informative, so helpful 💜” -Vikki B

“Excellent page providing information and inspiration for a kinder and healthier lifestyle that is also sustainable. Well done and keep up the good work!” -Kristin E

“Courageous and there for those whose suffering is ignored by the many. Doing the very best to raise awareness about cruelty and abuse that is accepted as part of the food industry.” -Alyson D

“I love how vegan FTA raises awareness about animal abuse and how they try to educate people about a variety of terrible situations that are happing in the world that no one dares to talk about! I am glad they are are showing pictures and videos of scenes that show the truth about how animal get treated. Please let’s all continue fighting for animal rights, for peace for all and for a sustainable lifestyle on our planet earth!” -Lotty K

“A great page with both informative and humerous posts, but most importantly a voice for the voiceless.” -Kerrod S

“Amazing, compassionate group! 💚💚💚” -Laura C

“supportive, compassionate, encouraging. no hate or judgment here. just trying to get people to take their blinders off.” Meghan V

“This site always provides me with information about the vegan community that I wouldn’t have found otherwise ❤️” -Lani D

“Vegan FTA are trying to educate people as to the atrocities occurring towards animals. Organisations like theirs are what helped me go vegan. I always felt guilty eating the flesh of animals and have been vegetarian on and off over the years. But now with groups like these on fb they've shown me how bad animal agriculture is. I always thought dairy and eggs were just a by product and animals weren't being mistreated until their posts showed me how wrong I was. Vegan For The Animals for life!!!! Thank you ❤❤❤” -Natasha P

“An organisation that educates people and challenges antiquated views on animals, their sentience and wishes to end unnecessary suffering.” -Al H

“Their compassion and courage going forward to spread awareness for all the unnecessary suffering we hear about every day in the meat,dairy,poultry Industry! I say keep up the good work 👍💪🌸” -Phyl K

“Awesome supporter and resource for those who are VFTA and those considering it” -Kara F

“Since becoming a follower, I've become vegan myself. I couldn't have achieved it without your knowledge and passion.” -Jackie M

“Always sharing the message of love, compassion and kindness. Brings awareness to the treatment of animals. Helping us come together to be a voice for the voiceless. 😊” -Emily M

“Love this group for the awareness it brings to the lives of the animals” -Janine G

“Love this page. A voice for the voiceless. #veganfortheanimals 🌱❤️” -Angie S

Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting the work that we do to fight for a vegan world! We're working hard to do everything we can to help this movement, and with your support the possibilities are endless. 
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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