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Exclusive live streams every weekend only available to Patreon supporters.

Patreon Exclusive videos

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Pledge $5 dollars per month and send me the dumbest comments you come across on social media and I'll make a special responding to stupid comments vid each month exclusive to those donating $5 and ...

Chat with me

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All the benefits of the lower tiers plus you will be invited to my exclusive discord chat Vegan Round Table where I will make scheduled and unscheduled visits to chat with some of my biggest fans. 

Threatening Vegetables

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I'll make a personalized video where I'll threaten whoever you want with a vegetable of your choice. 

Corporate Shill

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You can sponsor a vegan gains video. Your channel, product or service will be added to the beginning of a vegan gains video. Note I will only promote vegan friendly products or services, I will not...