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About Vegan Hacktivists

We're a diverse community of passionate vegan activists from all around the world, volunteering our time and skills towards the animal rights movement. We build free technology with the goal of reducing or stopping the mass amounts of suffering caused by factory farming and other forms of animal exploitation.

Visit us here:

As of August 21st, we now have over 100+ amazing volunteers! ❤

We do this for the animals - we do this because coding is our way of doing our part for activism. If you believe in the work we do and want to support us, please consider supporting us here on Patreon! It means the world to us and the animals to have your support. 

  • We build projects! Once a month we pick from several vegan project ideas to design, build and release to the community. These ideas always aim to support the Vegan community, create more activists, and to transition non-vegans.

  • We support activists! The Vegan community is relatively small, and the activist community is just a fraction of that. Not only do we aim to help Vegans become more active, we help existing vegan activists with their websites, funding, or ideas.

  • We connect others! Using our network of projects, communities and activists, we connect vegans with other vegans (and activists) to both support and create more productive and impactful collaboration no matter their size.

  • We give advice! We have several advisors and leaders with a wide range of experience that we utilize to help advise vegan activists or organizations. We cover technology, organizational structure, strategy, marketing, grants, and more!

  • We fund activism! We've partnered with The Pollination Project in order to fund vegan activists and small grassroot vegan organizations! Specifically we support individual or grassroots groups focusing on reducing suffering for farmed animals.

We're constantly working on new projects every month, whether they're ideas of our own or supporting organizations and activists that reach out to us. Below is a featured list of just some of our work. We couldn't do it without your support!

Find a full list of projects on our website, click here!

Please consider becoming a Patreon to help us continue to support, build, and fund vegan activism wherever we can. We can't even begin to thank you for any contribution amount, but we'll try!

Thank you so much!
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When we reach 50 patrons we'll be stable enough to pay for and launch at least one new website every week for small vegan activism grassroots groups!
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