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Veg Groups was started by me, Jason Schramm, in 2016 as an outlet for my ideas for websites to help people live more compassionate lives and harm less animals. The first big project I released was In September 2019 I left my day job so I could focus my time and energy on building the sites and apps the world needs but that don’t exist yet.

What's your story?
I have been building websites for over 20 years. But until I went vegan I didn’t feel that any of them made a meaningful positive impact on the world. Some of them were for customers and some of them were my own ideas.

In 2013 I watched Vegucated and immediately stopped eating meat. Over the following years I cut out more animal products but didn’t commit to living fully vegan. In April 2015 I completed a vegan pledge program in Baltimore, MD. From the moment I held my first living chicken at a local animal sanctuary that was it. And that was the beginning of the journey that led me to starting Veg Groups.

After going vegan I knew I needed to find more support in order to stick with it. So I found every local Meetup group that I could and started going out to where the other vegans were. I made some great friends and finally found what I had been looking for over the years: a community and a sense of belonging to something greater than myself.

I began volunteering to table at events and festivals for local vegan groups. And this exposed me to pre-vegans and new vegans. I realized that many of them didn’t know there were vegan events every month right near them. So I set out to build a calendar of vegan events from around the world that people could search through. That became

Since 2015 I’ve collected ideas for all kinds of different vegan-oriented websites and apps that I think will help people and animals. They are ideas that either don’t exist or could be done better than what exists. They mostly follow the pattern of taking information or resources that are hard to find and putting them in one easy-to-search place. But because of my intellectually exhausting web development day job I wasn’t taking the time to build them in my free time, aside from VegEvents which took up all that time.

I started thinking about my future and what kind of life I wanted to lead. Right before the Animal Rights National Conference in July 2019 I decided to finally leave my day job so that I could focus on the animals. And since September 2019 I have been focused on building more websites and apps that help people go vegan or stay vegan.

Now I spend my days working on something related to Veg Groups. And I’m always thinking about how to solve a problem, what features to add to an idea, or a new idea that might help people and animals. I’ve integrated the Veg Groups mission into my life and I’m loving it!

How will my money be used?
I keep the costs of running the websites as low as possible. And so far I’ve been able to do most of the graphic design and web development needed. And as a minimalist my living expenses are as low as I’m going to get them. Your support will allow me to hire some part-time help as needed so that I can focus my energy on designing and building.

Your support also enables me to focus on building the projects that will make the most difference for animals, but won’t necessarily make a profit. And you’re also allowing me to focus on these projects instead of spending my time and energy working for freelance web development clients.

Will every project be vegan?
So far every project has been vegan. And my intention is for people to go vegan. But I also recognize that there are many ways to go about inspiring that change.

In the case of an employment site I want to build I will be trying to bring in a wider audience and will allow some vegetarian businesses to have their jobs listed.

What projects do you have on-going? Every week I spend 5-10 hours maintaining the site, reviewing hundreds of events, sending out the newsletter to thousands of people around the world, and fixing broken things. I also plan to make improvements to the site and add even more event sources. update this vegan starter-kit periodically with new links to external resources that can guide people along the path.
Misc tasks: Server maintenance, marketing, networking, responding to various requests for support.

What are you working on now?
I post periodic updates on this Patreon if you want to follow along as I build new projects or update existing ones. Most updates are visible to anyone, regardless of whether you are a paying patron. is my main focus. Originally I hoped to have it done in December 2019 but now I’m pushing for January 2020 so that it's as good as it can be. I’ve collected a list of over 100 meal delivery services around the world that deliver vegan meals. And in 3 months time I’ve created most of the site that will make all of that information easily searchable. There are still a few bugs to fix, and service listings to create. And I’m excited to get this in people’s hands.

What's next?
Right now I am planning to focus on marketing and improving VegMealDelivery. I also have some enhancements planned for VegEvents, along with a renewed focus on increasing the number of sources that it pulls in events from. All of that takes time and focus. At some point I will then start working on another project.

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