is creating vegan recipe videos & nutrition calculator software
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No support is too little; we're grateful to anyone who wants to help us get this thing off the ground. 

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Seeds will receive a credit in YouTube videos and the warm fuzzy feeling of helping me fight climate change through incremental lifestyle changes. :) 

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Seedings will receive a personal thank you message from John AND a credit in our YouTube videos. Seeds will be credited "With Support From..."




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About Vegify is the passion project of web developer John Carmack (me). Vegify will feature delicious vegan recipes alongside easy-to-use tools meant to help you get the macro- & micronutrients you need to stay healthy. Vegify will screen beta participants, starting in Fall of 2019.

In the meantime! I'm making recipe videos. :) These videos (and accompanying instructions pages) will be the first content to go on Vegify.

If you would like to help us create these videos, you are invited to explore our donor tiers; should any of them appeal to you, we would be delighted by your support. 
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When we're clearing $100 a month, I'll let the Patrons vote on what recipe I'm doing next. 
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