is creating nudes and alt cosplay art nonsense

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You get access to my archive of alt cosplay psuedo art photo sets, that ran on the old free site; this is a work in progress, building it will be an ongoing process, uploading full size versions of every set that appeared on
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Hi.  I go by veidt, and this is my VEIDTREON. You may have seen some of the alt cosplay superheroine stuff i do did for an adult audience at the late, great site Some of it quite half-assed, some of it more ambitious, but all of it has been a joy to work on.

So i'm here to beg for money to keep making all-new nonsense. I'd love to continue evolving, and doing increasingly more ambitious stuff. Have a sketchbook full of designs, several new costumes approaching completion, a short film still in progress, and all kinds of plans and aspirations.

It's $4. For which you can expect several lewd or nude adults only 🔞 alt cosplay pic sets of 30+ big images (most are 4000x6000 pixels), each occasional gifs and bonus stuff. If you're at all into this shit, i think we over-deliver. kthanksgodblessbye

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MAGIC PRINT - the month this hits 300 patrons, all $4+ patrons inside the United States will get a Magic Print in the mail.

In the history of this project, there haven't been many physical components offered. The Magic Print will be one of the few; offered only the once, and never again.

This is not an ordinary, boring print. This shit is magic...once you see why, i'm confident you'll want one.

(International and $1 patrons will be offered an exclusive download of something also cool.)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 378 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 378 exclusive posts
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