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Making the world a better place through alt cosplay superheroine fetish psuedo art.

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Dedicated Studio Space!
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This is something of a dream...either a shared or dedicated studio space somewhere in the vicinity of Los Angeles that could allow for things like set construction, live (and/or periscoped) events, interesting collaborations, and much more frequent (and complex) shoots and updates.

The mind reels at the possibilities...if we hit this, you'll be seeing at least 2 new full photosets every week on veidt, in addition to stuff here on patreon. Achieving this could spark the sort of radical metamorphosis that might turn my stupid little site into something almost consequential.


Sharing dinner in some hole-in-the-wall noodle shop.


Claremont, CA, USA

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Hi.  I go by veidt, and this is my VEIDTREON. You may have seen some of the alt cosplay superheroine stuff i do did at the late, great Some of it quite half-assed, some of it more ambitious, but all of it has been a joy to work on.

I'd love to continue evolving, and doing increasingly more ambitious stuff. Have a sketchbook full of designs, several new costumes approaching completion, a short film in progress, and plans for what is by far the most elaborate and expensive shoot we've ever attempted.

Starting in November, we'll send out a special thank you item to everyone backing the campaign over the prior month.

If you want the November bonus, a few alt cosplay sets that won't be available anywhere else, anytime soon, just back the veidt patreon by October 31st. Special links will get emailed out sometime after Nov 5th, whenever patreon finishes it's billing.
Tentative schedule of bonus shid planned over the next few months, sketched out below. Nothing set in concrete, things could change drastically, open to ideas/suggestions.

NOV bonus - a couple exclusive sets
DEC bonus - new alt cosplay pic sets and gifs, shot specifically as a thank you to backers
JAN bonus - "everyone will be wearing them in the FUTURE" companion video (the ewbwtitF short will be going out to its crowdfunding backers sometime in december)
FEB bonus - invite to a shoot/meetup/energy drink-off in the los angeles area, and/or links to stream some kind of veidt live event
MAR bonus - an all new ebook

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