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This is basically a sampler tier. I'll add you to my exclusive starter snapchat until the end of the month :) (This is  NOT my lewd snapchat) I post Monday through Friday!
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About velvetvalerina

"A lewd is a photograph taken by oneself as a tease. Not a full on nude showing your private parts but teasing the receiver of the photograph." -urbandictionary

Velvet Valerina
If you like nerdy little ladies with colored hair, a cutesy aesthetic, and cleavage, you've come to the right place! Look forward to getting to know me and gaining access to some fun exclusive content :)

Why become a patron?
By becoming a patron, you will gain access to exclusive content just for my patrons! Plus, you would be helping me immensely to continue to create content. You would be contributing to my collection of fun outfits, lingerie, props, wigs, and cosplay for photo shoots! Which means more and better quality content in the future <3 


How does Patreon work?
Patreon is like a monthly subscription service. 
Patrons are charged when they pledge and subsequently on the first of each month <3 Only want to pledge for this month? You can delete your pledge at any time because as long as your payment went through, you will still have access to my content until the end of the month.

**Please note that since you gain access to my content as soon as you pledge, there will be no refunds, so make sure you consider carefully before you pledge! 
What is included?
Each tier includes what is described as well as everything in the tiers below it.

When/how will I see the rewards?
Photosets will be posted every other day, five or so pics at time, usually starting with Cupcake tier and going up from there. Use my tags for easy navigation! Posts and sets are also up for a limited time only. I usually archive ones from the previous month some time in the beginning of the month. 

How do I get Snapchat access?
If you pledge $10+, you must DM me your Snapchat if you want access! You will have access from when you pledge until the end of the month, unless your pledge renews for the next month.

What can I expect to see on $10+starter/$50+premium Snapchat?
My $10 starter Snapchat is not my lewd Snapchat. It is for updates and announcements! However, I do post selfies and previews of the outfit I'm wearing for premium and some light teasing :)

In terms of my $50+ premium Snapchat, what I do is post a series of pics and clips mon-fri (they are basically daily mini sets) I'll be in a sexy outfit and I do a lot of lewd poses, ass shaking, playing with my boobs, spreading my legs, etc etc etc (it varies day by day). It's hard to explain but if you go to my Twitter there are a bunch of samples in the form of GIFs from my premium Snapchat. Bear in mind those are just small samples! There is of course way more content than that in my Snapchat :)


You can keep my photos for your own personal use but DO NOT repost my photos anywhere. You will be blocked and no refund will be issued. As for Snapchat, screenshots are okay for personal use but again DO NOT repost.

If you are rude to me or unnecessarily demanding, I WILL block you and I will NOT issue a refund. Be kind, be patient, be respectful.


Boudoir, lewds, and implied nude only! No nips and no naughty bits!

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