Venalis is creating Live Streams and Youtube videos

$3 /mo
This level of support will earn yourself a "Welcome to the Darkside" and your name will be added to the "Thank you Patrons" Section of all future Highlight/Youtube Videos.

$5 /mo
Hitbox Sub:
This is the same as hitting that subscribe button on Hitbox. This level of support will earn yourself access to Patron/Sub only games.

Includes all lower tier rewards as well

$10 /mo
Let me take a selfie:
This is exactly what it sounds like! Each month I'll be sending you an exlusive random picture only available to patrons of this tier. The picture will con...

$25 /mo
Game Time:
Is there a game you would like me to stream? Once per month I'll stream a game of your choice. This can be something random, in alpha, or even an old classic game. Y...

$50 /mo
Stream Consultation:
Looking to improve your own stream? Any patrons of this level will get one on one time with my for private off-stream consultations. I'll visit your stream ...

$75 /mo
"Welcome to the Darkside...we have cookies" isn't just a random saying. It is a FACT! Any patrons at this level will receive freshly baked cookies! Yes, you read that c...

$100 /mo
Hail Darkside:
You clearly love me and you know what? I LOVE YOU TOO! Supporting at this tier will not only earn you all the rewards possible, but you will also...