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For those who love maps and nothing but maps. In addition to my earnest appreciation, patrons at this level receive:

  • Access to high-resolution images of every map I create, including alternative versions without grids, labels, names, and other customizable options.
  • Access to all previously released patron-only content.
  • Participation in patron-only polls that helps guide the direction and goals of the content released here.
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For those who love maps, and want to help provide direction here and make their own. In addition to my sincere thanks, patrons at this level receive:

  • Access to all of the previous rewards from the lower tier.
  • Participation in additional polls that help determine the flavor or genre of maps.
  • Access to the Photoshop file for every new map released.
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For those who love maps and want one of their own! In addition to my eternal gratitude, patrons at this level receive:
  • Access to all of the previous rewards from the lower tiers.
  • The ability to use their support as a means of earning a personalized map--after 3 months of sequential support at this tier, Patrons at this level are rewarded with a non-commercial map commission (Battle Map, Building Map, or Town Map). To be eligible for this reward you  may not have a 'maximum monthly pledge' set.




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About Venatus Maps

Hello! I'm an independent artist with a passion for making all varieties of D&D Maps. These maps might include images like battle maps, towns, cities, even maps of entire regions! However, I love the community-driven aspects of D&D and while I certainly enjoy making my own creations, I want to try and help you do the same! For that reason, part of the support provided here will help me to continue to make both Public Asset Packs for everyone's use and Booster Packs for my supporters.

Venatus is Latin for Adventure. I always strive to achieve a balance for that sense of adventure and possibility present in quality maps, while also ensuring that they're functional and pragmatic for the Game Masters using them. My hope is that through either using the maps I create here or through making your own maps with the help of the assets I make, that I'll be able to help you instill that same sense of adventure.

First of all, thank you for considering supporting me and the content I produce here. If you're new to Patreon, this page helps to facilitate individuals to pay whatever they're comfortable with in relatively small amounts for the maps I create. If you choose to become a patron, you'll need to select a 'tier' of support between $1.00, $3.00, $5.00, or $10.00 per map I create. I have released 5 maps per month every month since the inception of this patreon and have no plans to change that output.If for some reason I fail to release any maps or am below my average threshold you will not be billed. You only pay what you sign up for here.

What do I get when I sign up? Upon signing up you will get instant access to the previous two years’ worth of maps from the month of your registration (that’s over 120 maps!). You will also get access to every d&d map made for Wizards of the Coast modules I’ve ever created (Ravenloft, Lost Mine of Phandelver, Storm King’s Thunder, Dragon Heist, etc.) You do not pay for those separately, instead your support goes towards the maps released after your registration (you are billed one time at the end of each month). I make sure to keep a frequently updated and accessible master post of all of those maps collected together for easy downloading. If you'd like to see a complete history of every map I've released so far accompanied by preview images, take a look at the Map Archive post on our subreddit.

Enjoy my d&d maps, but the Patreon model not for you? No problem. While the consistent, month-to-month support I receive here is invaluable and there are several patreon-exclusive perks for my patrons (like exclusive access to the last 6 months’ worth of maps), the majority of my past content can also be found on our website: There you can shop around, pick just the maps you want, and easily purchase them without having to worry about month-to-month costs. You can also find low-resolution copies of every map on our Map Archive or on our Tumblr page.

Sharing and Commercial Use: All of the content I produce and release here or on the accompanying blog are for your personal use. If you're interested in using my content for commercial purposes, check out the $10.00 reward tier--feel free to contact me using the email address below for future questions. Otherwise, this content is published under BY-NC-SA 4.0 international Creative Commons license and you are free to share these maps as much as you'd like, but do please give credit for my work!

And on that note, you should know that the primary font I utilize in my maps is the Yellow Magician font, a personal favorite and one I have used for a few years now.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to me personally with questions, suggestions, or comments at [email protected]
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Dungeon Mini-Module
At this goal I'll begin working on a written mini module to accompany the desert dungeon of a funerary deity, The Deep Passage. Module will include lore of the tomb, room descriptions, possible character hooks, as well as a new monster and item.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 300 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 300 exclusive posts
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