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  • $1 goes a very long way for me! Not only is my lifestyle cheap, but your investment in our channel gives me a major rush of motivation. Don't sleep on this tier! :D
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  • I know that budgets are tight and that other, more entertaining services are competing for your support. Thank you so much for considering this level of support; it helps more than you know!
Fearless Havel
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  • If you're pressing this button, your generosity humbles me. I put extremely long hours, every week, into this channel, and support like this really helps sustain me and what I do. I appreciate it.




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If you're here, that means you're already a viewer, and you're the greatest supporter I have.

If not for the people I meet and who contribute to the stream every day by keeping my brain working, giving me something to commentate off of, and giving me reasons to smile, I wouldn't have any reason to be here, trying to make my stream a cooler place. Thank you for being the lifeblood of 'Vencabot,' and if a friendly face is all you can afford to give, nevertheless think of yourself as this project's most vital contributor.

My name is David. For 40 hours a week, I host a gaming-centric home-base for my friends to chill at, and it means the world to me: seeing familiar faces, making new acquaintances, and coming together to discuss and play games (and more). Because a significant part of running the stream happens outside of that 40 hours, behind the scenes (managing hardware and software, creating graphics and custom tools, troubleshooting issues), this craft has become my entire life.

Although exciting, all of the noodling means the costs of living become the costs of keeping the stream online. I hate seeing dollar signs near what is, for me, a labor of love, but I compromise and panhandle because bringing people together while bettering my content is something that I'm dedicated to continue doing.

For whatever you contribute to 'Vencabot,' thank you. I'm lucky to have had the time to cultivate the skills necessary to manage and host this never-ending party, but this is a group effort that we're all a part of. I'll see you guys in the next one!
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