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We will be giving away one free plant per month at a Verastruct event near you!

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About Verastruct

Every year the plant population is decreasing at an alarming rate. The Amazon loses 78 MILLION acres of rainforest every year! But we’re not going to go down without a fight, so we’re giving out free plants! That’s right. Free house plants for all! We will be giving out these plants at events starting in the Western United States, and moving East. As a patron, you will help us to grow more plants and find them loving homes. You also get to help us decide where to go next to give out the plants. And... there’s nothing wrong with contributing and getting a free plant yourself at the event 😉 We’re working to get you better prices — check our gofundme campaign for getting a greenhouse to grow more plants for cheap — but for now we can promise to give out one medium houseplant each month for $2. If half the people getting your plant propagate 5 new plants per year, then after two years you will have introduced 234 new plants for $48! Check our Instagram Stories for the latest info. Contribute now!

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