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  • FASTER UPDATES: Your buck goes a long way and you have my thanks. Don't care about rewards but want quicker updates? Then this is a great option for you! You'll always get to see new pages earlier.

Sweeter Than Sweet

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The faster updates, as well as...
  • THE FEED: You'll get access to progress shots of the comic pages, glimpses at my scripts, sketches, special artworks/wallpapers (eit...


$5 /mo
Everything above, as well as....
  • VERMILLION TALES: A series of dark/horror comics exclusive to Patreon. Currently in an early experimental phase (may or may not stic...


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  • THE WALL OF LOVE: When your first payment goes through under this tier, your name will go on "The Wall Of Love" that lies in the "Support" section of the site, as well at...

Evil Incarnate

$20 /mo
I'm sorry, I don't have a lot to offer beyond the $10 point, but LET ME LOVE YOU STILL.