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My names Ryan Durkoske.  I'm a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh and I've been developing for the past four years.  This is almost embarrassing, but my life's dream ever since I was little is to have thousands of people enjoying, competing in, and socializing over a game I create.

Version 1.0.0 of is going to be released soon (if it hasn't already been by the time you are reading this.)  This means servers go live.  And turns out, hosting servers is incredibly expensive!

As of right now does not pull in any money, and I wont be able to put ads on the site until it already has substantial traffic.  This is because of Google Adsense for Games strict acceptance.  So startup for verm is a serious risk to my wallet!

If you've been enjoying playing for free without ads, I would love even your smallest donation.  I plan to give all patrons whatever cool things I can add to the game once I add user accounts :)

Thank you for reading.