is creating furry illustrations, sci-fi, and other things.

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  • Thankfulness and appreciation for your kindness
  • High Res, Alts, and Progress shots
  • Acccess into the Vero_Comms server with Discord Role
  • Access the full resolution monthly fanart images 2 months before anyone else
Includes Discord benefits
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  • All previous tier rewards
  • 5% discount on any commissions
  • Vote, suggest, and access full resolution monthly fanart image 2 months before anyone else.
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  • All previous tier rewards
  • 10% discount on any commissions
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  • You may optionally bank half your pledge ($10 max) each month towards commissions.
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About Verolzy


I’m a Detroit based furry illustrator with a focus on sci-fi, figurative work, and a graphic design flair. I tend to focus on the cool and sexy, but I’m no stranger to drawing pornographic content or nudity.

If you’re here, thank you. Seriously. I want to be able to continue to make cool artwork and to improve my abilities, and the fact you’re even on my page means a lot to me. This page will be updated with more perks as we go, but this is all about giving back as much as I can.


All of my tiers available will be there to add extra perks and benefits to what I already do instead of putting up paywalls. Additionally, I’m keeping all of the main perks as cheap as possible. If you are willing to donate even a small amount, I want to reward you as much as I can.

The higher tiers will be more commission-centric. If you like my work and want to see some sketch pages, monthly commissions, and/or have a stronger discount, then these are the tiers to go for. Naturally, if you choose this tier, you’ll still get all the benefits of the lower tiers.


You can message me even if you aren’t a patron. Don’t worry - I love talking and talk is cheap. So if you have a question, comment, or concern, you can always bring it up to me on Twitter, Discord, Furaffinity, or email.

If you are a patron, though, message me with requests for your perks whenever. I will alert you on Patreon of your perks, but will keep track of everything externally. Just let me know during that month what you like, and I’ll get it for you by the end of the month. If I miss your perk by that month due to an emergency, I will return with it as my earliest possibility.


No matter if you’re a patron, a fan, or just passing by, thank you for visiting my page.

You can find me here, on Twitter, and on Furaffinity looking up “Verolzy”. You can also join my Discord server for more detailed updates and to just hang out! Take care of yourself.

$214.64 of $350 per month
This, combined with my regular comissions should be within the realm of me breaking even with my bills and life expenses. Thank you.

I will also update my perks to add in some more goodies. I'll need your guys' ideas and opinions!
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