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Hello! I'm a doll-maker from Russia. I make ball-joined artdolls using my own technology. Each doll is absolutely unique, has hers or his own story nearly own philosophy and own life. For each doll I make individual material - home-made papeir-mache with different ingredients. A recipe of a paper mixture depends on a doll's character and personality... Oh, my English is awful((( And I'm too uneasy making this account - it is so strange and unusual for me. For a long time I have telling about my doll-making in my LJ-page. (now there are problems with pics there unfortunately)  http://vertebra-p.livejournal.com/ There are a lot of photos and texts in Russian there. People in Internet tell that it's interesting for them to see photos of dollmaking...  
Well why I need support - to make one doll takes really much time and energies and bring very little money. Dolls are my life - I live for them, but they are not too generous ))) To survive somehow I make little trifles: small teddy bears.
So I'm not only a bjd maker, also make soft dolls, surreal animals and from time to time paint some art-therapy surreal pics))) You can see some of my works in my FB page https://www.facebook.com/kseniya.shaburova/ Here I try to tell about my dolls and doll-making in English. 
UPD (27/05/20). This patreon page was started in 2015, but never promoted because of my doubts and anxiety. For me patreon looks like a market: as if patrons don't help you because they like your art as it is, but buy your time and attention - they pay and so you should make what they want - you should please them, because they pay. (Sorry my awkward English) I don't want to change my art-methods and my dolls to be appealing and nice for my patrons. I don't want to make any teasers here. I will tell here something about my doll-making as I used to do in my other social net-works. If you know and like my art, and it is interesting for you and you want to help me (I really need some help) be my patron. 

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