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About Vertical Slice Games

It's hard to believe that Vertical Slice Games is already almost four years old. What started off as a side-project has quickly become one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of my life.

And it's all because of you.

2021 is a really important year for VSG. The review aggregator powering our coverage has been massively improved in terms of its accuracy and efficiency (as well as the amount of critics and data collected), our website is brand new, the amount and diversity of games VSG covers has increased, and our community - on Instagram in particular - has steadily grown.

I can't thank you enough for supporting VSG.

There are a ton of cool incentives to encourage you to support VSG, but before that, I want to explain what VSG is and why you should consider supporting in 2021 . . .


VSG exists because other video game review aggregators just aren't good enough - especially the industry standard, Metacritic. Metacritic scores are a lightning rod in the game industry. For good reason. The Metascore isn't a good metric - it's an average critic score, which is worthless to consumers without context. But on top of that, Metacritic doesn’t aggregate enough critics, it rarely updates scores, and it’s secretive about the way it calculates its scores.

VSG is different.

For one thing, the score VSG produces (the MetaMeter Score) isn't a simple average of critic scores - more like Rotten Tomatoes, it represents the percentage of critics who recommended the game. In other words, it measures consensus opinion. The average critic score is used for nuance - separating recommended games into tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum). But on top of that, I aim to publish as much data as I can about the critic scores and, most importantly, all of that data is fully transparent. There are no hidden calculations anywhere on VSG.

Bringing people together. Building an inclusive community where all members are known and loved. Promoting individual expression and civil discourse. And being radically transparent.

Those are VSG's commitments. This is the way.


Exciting things are happening, and I want you along for the ride.

Vertical Slice Games is an ongoing product we hope you love. But it isn'tt even close to the finish line. There's a lot of work left to do..

In December 2019, I realized that sometimes you need to tear things down to build them up. It was becoming clearer to me that the website's architecture was holding me back. While the aggregator collects game data almost instantaneously, almost everything all of that data needed to be inputted manually. As a result, I couldn't keep up with the pace of content, and eventually the amount of work became overwhelming.

A major change was necessary.  So I took the website down.

I experimented with various designs for the database and website itself, and eventually, I settled on a framework and began a concerted effort to rebuild it during Summer 2020 quarantine. I set a goal to re-launch before the launch of the next console generations, and after months of work to get the details right, I accomplished that goal on November 5, 2020.

That would not have been possible without the continued support of the gaming community - all of the people offering encouragement, feedback, and other advice.

If you believe in VSG as a project, PLEASE consider supporting it on Patreon, even if it's just for a few bucks this one month.


To help make all of this a reality, I need you to sign up for a Vertical Slice Games Membership. There are several options to to support VSG and get additional content.

A Bronze Membership is our participation tier. You'll get instant access to the Patron feed (behind-the-scenes updates on the goings on at VSG), the Discord server (chat with VSG directly, get alerts for MetaMeter Scores) and a donor shout-out on the VSG supporter page when the website relaunches later this year.

A Silver Membership gets you Early Access to our aggregated MetaMeter Scores before they are published elsewhere (including provisional scores for smaller, indie games that don't yet have enough reviews), access to the VSG Selection Committee where you can voice your opinion on what games VSG covers. Plus, all the previous perks.

I have a Gold Membership tier planned (but not yet active), which will get you access to the VSG Games Database - a regularly updated, massive Google Sheets spreadsheet containing all of the data on the games VSG covers. For this to work, you'll need to provide your Gmail email address so I can send you an invite. Once you have access, make a copy of the sheet, search for games, filter by selected criteria, and more. Plus, all previous perks. Once the spreadsheet has been completed, this tier will go live.

Patreon is the lifeblood of the VSG community. With your help, VSG can become something truly awesome, and I'm stoked to have you along for the ride.
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