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  • my never-ending gratitude and the knowledge that you're helping me to keep all this stuff goin'


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  • a handwritten "thank you" post card from me EVERY MONTH! Each month will be a different card, and almost every month will have a photo of me on it or a photo I take (usually an animal or plant). If you're joining this tier, please email me at [email protected] to let me know if you prefer a family friendly postcard or if nudity is okay!


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Everyone who donates $25 per month will get

  •  BOTH postcards (if you prefer only family friendly or only "adult" themed, please let me know in an email to [email protected])
  • AN INSTAX PRINT!! Instax is a brand of instant film; they are similar to polaroids in that each is ONE OF A KIND, and impossible to reproduce.
  • MY MONTHLY ZINE! It is 20 pages long and will be stuffed full of drawings you can color, thought exercises, photos, & more!




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About Erin Carroll

Hello! :) I have not been pushing my Patreon, as I have been trying to put most of my efforts into my website All the same, I GREATLY appreciate my Patrons, and the patience you all have as I manage my health challenges. Thank you to everyone who has been a patron and everyone who may be one in the future. You have genuinely changed my life for the better!  

My twitter is 18+ but you can see a lot from me there. I'm not really expecting random people to be my patrons so I'm guessing if you're here, you already know who I am and what I do! If you randomly came across me and you are looking to see some of my stuff, simply email me at [email protected] and I can show you a few example pieces. After becoming a patron, you will be sent a monthly newsletter with a link to a gallery containing HUNDREDS of images of my work: drawings, photographs, pages from my journals, etc. 

$369.74 of $750 per month
I haven't been pushing my patreon so my patronage has actually gone down quite a bit in the last few months and this isn't the end of the world; all the same, if I could make it to $750 that would be very very cool :) That would mean my rent would be covered by Patreon and I would be able to focus my efforts on my art that much more. 
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