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First I just wanna start by saying that whenever you decide to pledge 1$ or 100$ you are still supporting me along the way to create more and more of my music for which I am massively thankful!
  • You get to see my videos a day before everybody else.
  • You have my forever love and gratitude
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You remember the love and the gratitude.. yeah, it's still here :)



About Vesislava

Hey guys!

My name is Vesislava.. as you probably already know since it's written freakin everywhere :)
I am classically trained Cello Player. Currently I work a day job and do Music Videos in my spare time. I try to jugle it all. It's a bit complicated but YOUR Comments, Likes and Support is keeping me going!
I love my new journey with all my Social Media and I enjoy doing the videos and photoshoots and all those good stuff you guys like!
Thanks for being here.. it really means the world!

With all my love!
30% complete
When we reach this goal, I'll hire a team and do one professional video per month along with all my other content.

That will be literally a dream come true!
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