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Veto is a content hosting website I'm building from scratch. Recently, Veto has been growing in popularity, and any help funding this site would be very much appreciated.

My name is Jack, I run and maintain, a content hosting platform I started building in 2017 and launched around august 2018. Since then it's gained a steady increase in users, content and traffic. My goal is to create a very powerful media platform, but as with most things in life, finances, or lack off... Are whats holding the site back somewhat now. In the early months I could fund the websites infrastructure, but as more and more people upload and watch content. The larger and larger the servers/storage need to be. 

With support from you I can keep the website up and running at it's full potential, increasing the server sizes, which mean faster processing times and also I'll be able to increase the upload size limits too.
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Veto moved onto a server with a lot more bang. I'll also increase upload size limits.
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