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Thank you for joining! Maru will guide you to exclusive images, concept art, and more content not found on my instagram! I have more rewards coming for the near future and I hope you’ll stick around for them 🌱

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Thank you for joining! 

As Maru’s best friend, Garnet follows in her footsteps and makes sure to find any Items Maru may have missed!

These include all those mentioned previously in the Maru tier with additional more in-depth information of the characters From my on-going story (still title-less) along with more sneak peeks on merch items and it’s contents; this May include but is not Limited to: zines, mini prints, stickers, etc.

with this tier there will also come events (times still undecided) where each Garnet tier patron will be included in a raffle for a chance to win a commission! 

I am still in the midst of fine-tuning this Patreon page and am grateful For your support and patience🚧🌱

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Snowbel tier is a very personal tier and I don’t expect anyone to sign up for it.

Snowbel was a very special existence for me from a young age. Her passing still stings and having her here helps remind me of happy times. She was truly a demon cat who had a true tsundere personality. 

This tier was originally supposed to have a set monthly price of $100; a price I thought was high enough to scare off potential patrons who may have been looking for a higher tier. 

I received a few messages saying that $100 was not high compared to some other tiers on other Patreons. So I bumped it up to $300 to make sure people won’t have to think twice to say that I am crazy.

if you so happen to sign up for this i must say that you are also crazy and you have my gratitude.

This tier includes all tiers before this and any new ones that I may add in the future. With this tier, you also have the option of requesting a commission of your preference.

The commission allows  up to 3 figures and allows most anything except nsfw content. If there are any questions feel free to send a message either here or my Instagram (dm)! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this



About Veune_

Hello! I go by veune (vee-un) on most online platforms

I had opened this Patreon to help me achieve my dream of living off of my art. 

I am in the process of shifting how I work but if you’re interested in joining there’s more concept art and doodles that I don’t post on my Instagram(@veune_) ( for the most part). 

still under construction 

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