is creating a home video database website to document its history
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About VHSCollector.com

For the past 10 years, I've been involved in a project to catalog and scan the covers of video cassettes and other obsolete home video formats from the last 50 years. In addition to the valuable pool of data we've gathered over the years, the website allows collectors to track their collections, contribute content of their own, and it serves as a platform where collectors connect with other fellow collectors. In addition to collecting valuable data, the website publishes insightful articles revolving around home video trends and its turbulent history.

Your support will help with the financial burden of running such a project, which includes:

  • Hosting costs
  • Having bugs fixed
  • Creating new and exciting features
  • Further research into home video history for fresh articles

Every little bit helps to keep this project alive. Thanks to those who've already donated in the past through our previous crowdfunding campaigns. Here's your opportunity to continuously support our journey in documenting home video history. Are you ready?

All who contribute $5 or more will have access to the "patron only" feed, where I will post about projects myself or other website contributors are working on, weird videocassettes I find in the wild, and polls where I ask which topics I should be working on next.

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