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About V for Vibrant

Patreon is a platform for content creators to offer exclusive content not seen anywhere else, build community and cater to the community's needs, as well as provide previews, backstage passes, and livestreams to an intimate few - all while earning an income that supports these fulfilling endeavors. when you subscribe to a tier, you are charged on the first of the month, and can cancel your support at any time. if you have any further questions, email [email protected]


we humyns aim to live vibrant lives in the truest sense.

the problem is, if you're like me, you've gotten caught up in showing compassion toward others but not yourself. you may have even attempted to become the "family healer" and save everyone else from themselves, working yourself to the bone, while neglecting the rest & play that makes one a vibrant person.

which of course causes you to criticize yourself and say mean, nasty things that make you feel unworthy of the fun parts of life. in turn, this kind of thinking has attracted relationships that make you feel undeserving of kindness, too, causing others to reflect back to you all the unworthiness you feel toward yourself.

i created the Vibrant Coven so that sensitive, empathic, compassionate people like you and me get to share a safe space that allows us to grow into our worthiness, develop kind thoughts, acknowledge our deep feelings, and really start listening & paying attention to what we need...

  • to feel that all our instincts about people & situations are valid, confirmed.
  • to witness the clarity that comes from trusting completely in ourselves.
  • to develop a confidence in our actions & beliefs, so we can continue challenging ourselves to dance through the pain, learn from our mistakes, and grow as humyns.

let me tell you how this works :)

here on Patreon, i get the privilege of cultivating a comm-UNITY that has exactly what you need to feel secure in crafting your clarity & confidence - without the internet trolls & bots, the censorship of social media, nor the endless scrolling that dilutes the potency of everything you absorb.

in this space, you can ask questions, share your story, seek advice, build relationships, confront fears, and build upon your already powerful strengths.

we have the freedom here to dance, laugh and play as a soul family that has more intense resonance than any community; we honor the versions of ourselves that we feel are shedding and welcome the spirit of who we Truly Are with a fresh, curious perspective.

why have i been denying myself what i need and desire?

how do i take life less seriously so i can start to enJOY it?

who could i become if i turned all of my loving compassion inward?

what are my fears teaching me, and where are my dreams leading me?

there are several ways you can engage with this space, and integrate or dis-integrate as needed during every part of your Inner Unfolding journey:

The Public Coven
for lovers of The Work and The Journey who come to laugh, sigh, cry, and *hmmm* at our blog posts & videos. welcome!! this is a non-support tier, but you still get a taste of the comm-unity spirit.

Vibrant Coven Support
for supporters of the podcast & Youtube channel who are, in turn, seeking support! we've got you covered, with full recordings as well as deep-dives into the topics covered in the podcast episodes and videos :*

Journey CommUNITY
for folx who trust in the process, and are committed to internalizing belief & behavior shifts through humyn connection, emotional expression, and big belly laughs! our events, resources, cosmically-timed guidance and discussions are a great addition to existing inner healing practices, or a wonderful jumping-off point for anyone who's new to consistently prioritizing inner work as self-care.

Pioneer Portal
for seekers of adventure that starts with a seed - a belief, a trauma, a pattern - and leads the soul on an intense inward journey; who wish to invite a guide along for the ride so that the vulnerable parts don't feel so hard, and the work done alone doesn't feel lonely. message KellyAnne to inquire about how this space flows and to share all that you'd like to achieve! or simply take the great leap, and see where the portal takes you...

no matter how you choose to engage, this commUNITY, the guidance, and all of our tools are here for you as you step into the vision of the vibrant life you wish to make a reality.

thank you for reading, and i hope you know you're deserving of all the love you desire!!


about KellyAnne:

i'm a sensitive soul who has studied humyn behavior & personal development through the social, linguistic, psychological, and emotional lenses for the past 10 years. my focus is now on the Inner Unfolding process that occurs when we choose the challenges we face with a desire to heal, grow, and become the change we wish to ripple out into the world. with training as a life coach, mentor, and witch, i've learned to intentionally intertwine informational & intuitive knowledge for the best results on the spiritual journey that is life.

come dance, laugh, and play with me!!



“Vegas Rules” - respect the integrity of the community by keeping everyone’s experiences confidential.

Stick to “I/me/my” - i can only speak from my own experience; no one person can speak for an entire group (culturally, spiritually, etc.)

Open heart, open mind - you’ll hear a lot of new things from a lot of new people, so stay open to your experiences being vastly different from others’.

Ask before assuming - if you’re hurt, confused, or offended by anything that is said, assume only one thing: that everyone has the best intentions. that doesn’t mean impact doesn’t matter… it means we can learn better from each other when we come from a space of compassion, and confront issues with an intention to understand more deeply.

Reach out - this space is intended for growth, and i want to grow with you. so whatever it is… reach out to me as your guide, or the community as a whole when you feel a desire to be seen/heard.

Don't wait - give anything you've got to say NO MORE than 48 hours to marinade. otherwise, when we wait too long to speak up or share, we may talk ourselves out of it or simply forget. everything you have to say is important. believe in that, and have faith that when you need to be heard, what you have to say is something someone else needs to hear.

Practice stepping up/back - sharing is caring, and sometimes simply witnessing is caring! both are ways to learn, heal, and grow. ask yourself frequently when engaging in this space if what you need is to show up in your natural element, or to challenge yourself by stepping forward to share more/backward to observe more.

High vibrations only - don't make this space your dumping ground, but don't dump on yourself when you feel bad or are in a dark space, either. respect your emotions, respect the process, respect what you are going through. THAT is how we begin to vibrate on a new level & shed old layers of ourSelves.

Expect that these guidelines will be upheld by KA and every member of this comm-unity. we are unified in the intention we collectively set to hold each other accountable to these core values: compassion, respect, integrity, and love.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 43 exclusive posts
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