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my name is KellyAnne and i'm ready to play :)

i've taken life very seriously, believing i had to be perfect, or so close to it, that i'd get anxiety, procrastinate, sabotage myself, and play victim to circumstances because they were easy to blame for not reaching such impossibly high standards.

but the one thing i've always had with me through it all is laughter; my sense of humor is corny, punny, and i've been told i'll laugh at anything!! that's how i like it. it makes life so much easier - with ease - and funnier - with joy.

it's my understanding that i'm a child of the Divine, and as such, i don't deserve to stay in pain or discomfort, or to not get what i want. with this belief, i've turned my ideas about the thesis i didn't get perfect marks for, the long term relationship that i needed a LOT of time to get over, and my herpes diagnosis which caused me so much shame, into LOVE.

all of the suffering, through vulnerability, rest, and humor, i've transformed into lessons & growth. my spirit is strong because i chose to play with the universe, instead of believing it was playing tricks on me or laughing at me.

to play at life with ease and fun - in the child's spirit - is a choice you make. i hope you choose it with me and devote yourself to the felicity of freedom :)

freedom to express your feelings

freedom to see life as a series of hysterical jokes

freedom to live with purpose that satisfies your soul

freedom to set down the work and just be for a while

may this space always be a home for the Divine Child in you, and all the ways you feel, play, live, and rest <3


for Intuitive & Wounded Healers who are focusing on shadow work to become closer to your inner child, the "Ready to Heal!" tier is a space where i facilitate as your big sister.

i've been there, i'm certain you'll get through it, and i have the patience to sit & listen, or dance, or cry, or whatever-you-need to help you through it. you'll get the best friend vibes you need (in a soul family focused on intense healing as well!) when you're feeling disconnected...

and you'll get the pushy, bossy vibes you may also need to snap out of it ;)

as a trained coach, servant leader, teacher, sociolinguistics specialist, and facilitator, i provide compassionate guidance through private calls, card readings, and mindset-shifting affirmations to the folx in this space.

the material resources and humyn resources (myself & your soul fam) are here when you're ready to heal <3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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