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is creating podcasts and videos so you can play the guitar and be creative
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About Victor John Hyland

As a professional guitarist and teacher for the last forty plus years and an NLP master practitioner for the last fifteen I am working to help others learn to play guitar and be creative. Music and learning to play is sadly lacking within the schools of the UK and possibly the world generally but music and art is the way to fill in the spaces left by academic subjects and join up the dots in thinking.. 
We are entering a time when it is essential to think broadly and the arts are the way to do this learning to think outside the box in other words be creative.
Is there a short cut to being a musician? I think there is but we have to make a definition here about technique and musical skill or I like to say musical wisdom or musical magic and the best way to think of this is to think of music as a language. If you ask yourself a question does knowing lots of words mean you can speak a language? No of course not because the language needs structure, syntax and use of dynamics accents etc. When do you learn this? Before you get to school, you have the language happening like magic, then does knowing extra words and grammar help? Yes later 
So using this there is a way in to learning to play the guitar, but you can learn anything, that is highly effective and that is my mission to show you how others have done this and interestingly they often do not release it that is where the NLP comes in because it is a great tool for discovering the ways that artists and successful people think and you can then model that behaviour and skill , that is what this project is about, finding out and then making it available to you.
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I devote a day a week to podcasting and uploading data for exam preparation for clients 
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