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About Vicious Cosplay

I am a cosplay potato.

Hi there. My name is Vicious, and I've been cosplaying for 10+ years. Made over 2 dozen costumes by hand, have competed a lot, run a lot of competitions, and cried over fabric more times than I can count.

Something that I've been doing for many years is post my works in progress up on my social media feeds in order to share the steps of the costumes I've made for other people. A large problem is that with the death of Tumblr (F) and without completely coding my own setup on my website, there was no good social media location to host descriptions WITH large scale images. Also attempting to co-post on Twitter and Instagram with a bleed into Facebook was becoming obnoxious, which made me less likely to make posts at all.

To help this, I'll be using patreon to organize a few things:
  • Organize the WIP photos for current and future costumes.
  • Make more tutorial/breakdown based writeups instead of 'hi I did these things.'
  • Make it more likely that you, who follow me, actually gets updates!

Majority of the content I'll share here will be the same I put on other social medias, which is free for everyone. If you simply follow this page, you'll get all those lovely WIP updates but with the combination of higher-res photos and good laid out content.

For those who would like to support me with donations, I'll be offering the following:
  • Voting for future cosplays when my choice anxiety gets really high.
  • Previews of photos that I've edited for future posting that I may, or may forget to post on social media.

My current costume is Groom Bowsette design by Mighty Kow! All updates for this costume will be under the Groom Bowsette tag.

I will be posting WIP updates here as well, but you can also follow and support me on my social media pages such as my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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