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✨ Bookworms have the ability to 

- read almost all Patreon-only posts

- vote on polls about what bookish topic I should write about next

- add to my TBR jar & suggest books to read

- get sneak peeks about what I'm writing! 

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✨ Book Unicorns have all the abilities of Bookworms, plus they can 

- read every Patreon-only post published!

- get 10% off all Vicky Who Draws items, when premades are available or commissions are open

- ask any hard questions (or not hard ones!) about bookish things: opinions, about things happening in the book community, etc. (I reserve the right to not answer something extremely personal.)

I'll also send a handwritten letter with some doodles & book recommendations once a year. (Will go into effect after 5 months as a Book Unicorn.)




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Hi friends! I'm Vicky, although you probably already know that 💕 

By supporting me on Patreon, you'll get access to exclusive posts at least twice a month such as (but not limited to!)
- bookish opinions about different things in the community
- design stuff, like advice, tutorials, & behind the scenes
- sneak peeks of my writing (which I never share publicly!)
- recommendations and whatever other posts I can think of!
- early access to my blog posts, if I have them prepared ahead of time!
and you'll also get to vote on polls about my TBR, suggest books, and more!

Plus, becoming a Book Unicorn means you get all this, the occasional higher-tier exclusive post, and the ability to ask hard questions about bookish things (or writing things or anything that I can reasonably answer)! You'll also get to look forward to a handwritten letter from me & a 10% discount on commissioning art from Vicky Who Draws! 💖

The fact that I'm heading to college next fall is what spurred me to make a Patreon, for a few reasons: 
- Money will be tighter! We love pricy college educations. (See below for what the money will be used for.)
- Bloggers deserve to get compensated for their work, and I decided on Patreon because it let me do this without actually influencing my content (aka preventing a conflict of interest).

I also wanted to do something that would let me give back too, and I'm really excited to bring cool things your way!

The money from this Patreon will be used for 
- paying for things to expand my platform! In the future, I'd really love to be able to pay for Photoshop so I can make higher quality art faster, as well as potentially switch to a self-hosted domain.
- paying for college! (the majority of my expenses for the next 4 years)
- spending money on bookish things (aka buying books, letting me put money back into the community & support it that way, too!)
- saving for the future (practical!)

In the end, there's no pressure to support me (although I'll be eternally grateful if you do) and this doesn't mean I'll stop blogging or tweeting or doing whatever I normally do.

Stay wonderful & bookish (and take care of yourself!), 

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Wow! Y'all reached the last goal way quicker than I expected. I want to balance me-goals and you-goals, so this one will be a me-goal! If we reach $50 a month, I'll buy myself business cards. I really want cute business cards <3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts

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