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We'll also be talking exclusively here on Patreon about projects were working on, both Victor and the Bully and solo Victor Ghastly Electro Swing Solo Project. You'll get special behind-the-scenes info just for being a patron!  Feel free to join in the conversation and suggest what you might like to hear from us! 

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About Victor and the Bully

Hello Sinners!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look into the Patreon for Victor and the Bully!

By Becoming a Patreon you will have early access to songs from not only Victor and the Bully but also any solo stuff for Victor Ghastly's Electric Timbomb
You will get frequent updates, songs and mp3s as they are being written which will also be up for discussion, suggestions and ideas so that you can be a part of the process!

There will be exclusive images and videos of the making of songs, videos from events and backstage that will only be on Patreon.

When new merch arrives you will also receive a discount code to use on our big cartel page that will be exclusive to $5 and up Patreons!

Your monthly tier will not only go towards our progression and growth but you will also be seeing and hearing exclusive content as its being created!

Current Project
Working on the new Victor and the Bully album for a Summer 2020 release and working on the Electric TImebomb album! 

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This would be insane! It would give us such enthusiasm and encouragement to grow to bigger and better projects!
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