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About Victor Lucero

Hello. I'm Victor Lucero, originally from New Mexico, California, and now in Texas (long story). I've been drawing and painting here and there for years as a hobby, but until recently (COVID 19, 2020) I was forced back into my first love of painting. I've always been a creative who has utilized several artistic outlets to communicate positive messages of faith, love, and hope including music, dance, performing, directing, motivational speaking, DJing, etc. Every job description that I've ever had has involved and included the arts in some capacity, but since the recent shutdown due to the Corona Virus, I've been able to stay home, focus, discover, and dream again. I feel that I have accomplished many things in life, but I've honestly felt a void that wasn't filled until I picked up the paintbrush again and ventured out on this artistic journey. This new journey isn't solely for personal expression, but to reach a generation that so desperately needs messages of hope, love, and unity by way of artistic expression and the practical life skills associated with artistic development. If it hadn't been for a mentor in my life (Elementary School Teacher) who encouraged me to continue to grow and develop as an artist and taught me basic life skills as tools to achieve goals and to dream bigger, my life would definitely not be the same. I want to make the same difference in young lives. Your contributions help to make it possible for me and my team of students to be able to reach as many people as possible by making it affordable to duplicate art, travel to our school assemblies, facilitate art camps, perform for faith communities and conferences, to eventually owning our own community/youth multi-arts studio.
My motivation stems mostly from growing up with multiple challenges, such as Dyslexia, social anxiety, and an abusive father, and more. I've overcome such challenges with much help throughout the years. I now use my life stories to inspire and empower others. I believe that I have a God-given ability to reach and motivate young people because of my relatable life scenarios. I know what it's like to be a young artist feeling trapped in a cage of my own insecurities & fears, without a voice, unable to understand my thoughts and unable to express my art for fear of what others would think. I also know what it's like to be empowered by a mentor, freed from that metaphorical cage, given a voice, and allowed the freedom to dream and believe in a better future. My calling is to help free others trapped in similar cages. With your help, I can continue mentoring, educating, and gearing youth towards success, building their faith, and developing more ways that will allow them to discover their true identities and to disvover and devolop their gifts, talents, and skills to their fullest.
Thank you so much for your contributions! Let's make history together!

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