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Our Story – In March 2018, YouTube Terminated our main channel without cause giving us 3 strikes within 24 hours. We had no recourse to dispute the violations which were based on 3 videos from 2016. They stated we violated Community Guidelines by bullying and harassing. You can watch those 3 videos here on BitChute
The Outcome - We lost 70,000 Subscribers, 1,100 videos and approximately $2000 per month in ad revenue that day.
After months of appeals, while other channels were being reinstated, ours never was and is still terminated till this day. So, we started rebuilding from scratch and worked our back up channel VLTV.
We were growing very quickly however, when we were just shy of 30,000 subscribers, they started unsubbing folks and shadow-banning the entire channel (not just specific videos).
Coincidently, holding us under 30,000 subscribers disqualifies us from YouTube’s Paid Subscriber Program which allows subscribers to support our work directly through YouTube… Seems a bit suspicious, doesn’t it?
We now barely make $100 per month on ad revenue and reach a very small audience so decided to start up a 3rd channel (RidRad) as it appears VLTVs days are numbered.
Angie and I work very hard across several platforms, conducting interviews and providing daily reports. Our compensation for our effort is quite negligible. We would love to serve people full time but we are not independently wealthy so we do need to generate an income.
We are not looking to get rich --- We just want to continue doing what we love and position ourselves to be able to pay our bills and prepare for retirement.
Additionally, we have started supporting our subscribers and guests through tithing on what little income we are currently generating.
Bottom line is – We love what we do. Our desire is to continue searching for truth and serving our brothers and sisters in whatever capacity we are able. God Willing.
If you would like to support the work that Angie & I do, please consider the following ways
Monthly Support through Patreon - www.Patreon.Com/RidRad
One Time PayPal Donation - email [email protected]
Support us and Yourself at the same time (Our Favorite Method )
Please visit our Healthy Place Botanical Site for Essential Oils, Hemp, CBD Products and much more here
If you shop through Amazon - Click our link and we will get a small commission and you still get great prices
We have also started selling high quality Colloidal Silver at very competitive pricing. Please email me if you are interested at [email protected]
Lastly, we are working on a lot of new projects concerning EMF awareness and protection. We will soon be offering classes and EMF shielding products. We are excited about this new venture.
Bottom line folks is that we are struggling through this horrible censorship. It is impacting our ability to make a living doing what we love.
BUT WE will NOT give up. We know that ultimately, GOD our Father is in control. So, we remain patient, humble and obedient to our Creator and to His will as we press on.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.
With Love to all of you, our Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Jim & Angie

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We appreciate your support very much... Pledges help us dedicate more time doing what we love. Protecting our children, Seeking truth, Exposing evil.. Thank you !
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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