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As a supporter you will get access to my basic Patreon rewards such as Patreon only discord channels and videos! I will also plonk down an armor stand with a plaque on my main world.

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As a dedicated supporter of the channel I will build you a monument on my main world, in addition to all previous tier rewards!

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Join me and some of my close YouTube friends on the Patreon only Vanilla Minecraft Survival server!

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About Vidargavia

Hello, Vidargavia (pronounced 'Vi-Da-Gavia') here!

On my Youtube channel I mainly play Minecraft. I focus on making beautiful but functional and efficient builds. So I might make an Iron Farm but hide it in a village, or a Gold Farm that looks like a pyramid. And sometimes I just make things pretty without function, like an Oasis in the middle of the desert.

Why are  you on Patreon?
Now, my content is free, no strings attached. And I have a full time job, and can pay my bills, buy clothes for my kids and all that, so don't you worry! :)

This patreon exists for the sole purpose of furthering my channel, and in the end the content I can produce for your benefit. So any and all donations will go back into the channel.

Basically, if you really like something I've done and want to show your appreciation by donating on this page, well I will of course be both thrilled and grateful, and I will run off and buy better equipment or something similar for the money. :)

When can you see my videos?
I release at least two videos per week, but most weeks it's four, and sometimes more. Here's the schedule:
  • Tuesday: Sometimes a tutorial or timelapse
  • Wednesday: A Vanilla Minecraft Let's Play (usually Lionheart)
  • Thursday: Sometimes a tutorial or timelapse
  • Friday: Often streaming from Patreon server (or sometimes Let's Play. tutorial or timelapse)
  • Saturday: Sometimes a tutorial or timelapse
  • Sunday: Streaming!

Why should I support you?
Woha, woha... You don't need to support me! Seriously.

But if you want to you can. And if you do the money will go, without fault, into improving my videos, channel and so on. More content, better looking content, nicer sounding content, more on schedule content and nicer look and feel are some areas that may be affected.

Lastly, thank you for watching my videos, that is the main thing here really. And thank you for all the other things you guys do for me, leaving comments and likes and such :) Keep it up, cause it keeps me going!

Patreon server
If you support me with $5 or more per month you will be whitelisted on my Patreon server! This is a server I run together with a few other YouTube friends, and we all play on there regularily. I aim to stream from the Patreon server once a week, and when I do you are invited to participate via chat or via voice on my Discord channel.

Rules for the Patreon server must be followed even if you are a patreon!
$1 of $10 per month
When we reach this goal I will build a Patreon hall on Lionheart, and dedicate some form of sign/monument to each Patreon.
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