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TURBO Charging Program

$1 /mo
This is for patrons who would like to slowly charge up for TURBO club induction, or for existing TURBO members who would like to keep their membership humming! All contributions are tracked and onc...

Movie Night Access!

$5 /mo
Each month we're gonna have a movie night!  Patrons in this tier will be sent a link to a private livestream where you can sync up your own copy of that month's film with our video commentary. Ther...


$50 /mo
At the end of the month (when payments are processed) you will be given a lifetime* membership in the TURBO club! You'll also get a TURBO Tee!

Current Benefits include:

  • Access...

Sponsor a Host

$150 /mo
You will be responsible for the appearance of one of us on an episode. The host of your choice will thank you personally at the top of the show for putting them there, and will exclaim a short phra...

Sponsor an Episode

$500 /mo
Everyone will know that you were responsible for bringing our special brand of stupidity to the screen. Every hour or so we will mention that the show is "brought to you by Hank*" ...