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About Vigil for Democracy

Vigil for Democracy developed as an approach to mass mobilization suitable for vast, sparse America in the age of social media.

Research shows that about 3.5% of a nation’s population must rise up in sustained protests to topple the power structure. In America, 3.5% is over 10 million people. Besides the issue of recruitment, it would be a logistical nightmare to keep protestors fed, hydrated and safe.

American mainstream media abets and normalizes our abusive government, meaning that even if extraordinary protests do happen, media coverage won’t be accurate. The administration’s outrageous lies and cruelty steal the media spotlight from resistance efforts.

Our solution: Distributed Digital Mass Mobilization (DDMM). We connect small acts of courage and amplify them, creating a nationwide vigil out of daily public actions.

Whether the vigil removes criminals from office depends on the courage of ordinary Americans. At the very least, it will reduce the boldness with which Republicans steal election 2020.

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Paul Richmond has agreed to release the exclusive time lapse creation video of his American Dreamer painting. And our patrons will preview the video for two days before it's released to the public!!
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