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You won't see ads on any of my work. Neither will anyone else, but now you can feel good about supporting free content. Plus:

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I don't know why you would do this to me, but fine. Also:

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For true believers only. 

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Did you know that snails can live 25 years if they are taken care of? Would you like to help take care of this snail? (Note: this snail is already over 25 and also is not a snail)




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Is 42 really the meaning of life, the universe, and everything? Maybe, because $42 can help me bring meaning to the lives of others. A pledge at this level is a vote for meaning.

Did you know th...


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🖊  Some months I'll send you a sharpie I used in a video, some months it might be something else, depending on what I'm working on and what's left over. Might also include ...


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📡 Reliable high-speed internet is essential to my work. Thank you Albert Wenger for covering the monthly costs of my internet and backup-internet!


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🎹 Béla is my true love, my life, my light, my piano, the best and most beautiful piano known to the universe, my Béla. Thank you Caleb Wright for covering the monthly cost of my piano loan!

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🏠 I sure do like having one there! This is what it costs a month.

Also the roof over my office, filming studio, dog, piano, and other things, so you really get a lot of roof for your money here.

"Someone really just oughtta fund you"

$15,000 /mo something I hear a lot.