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I stared to notice that the automation tools I was using in every single startup, were improving on a geometric curve while the cost of almost everything was falling as fewer and fewer people were required to run the services.

Fifteen years ago, I would have needed four hundred people to run a global company. In 2018, I needed three. Before, I would need people doing all kinds of things. Now I only need one money person and one high end tech person. The other 397 jobs are never coming back.

Should we scream in terror as our world runs off the rails? No. We should celebrate our accomplishments while we make a few adjustments.

The humans of Earth stand on top of thousands of years of technical progress. Who owns that? We do. $1,000 a month for every Citizen.

Universal Basic Income gives new mothers a little more time with their baby. It gives young people more time in school. It reduces crime and improves healthcare outcomes. It creates security which in turn makes people more polite and thoughtful.

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