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About vilmibm

Hi, I'm vilmibm. I make idiosyncratic software & noise music & sometimes poetry & sometimes prose. This patreon supports my work on all of those things.

I run , a non-commercial hermetic digital community for socializing on the terminal. We make art, educate each other, share feels, and reject the idea of linear technological progress in favor of empathy driven and sustainable computing. The monthly server cost is around $130 right now and this Patreon helps pays for that + domain costs.

I most recently worked for GitHub and am the co-author of gh, the GitHub CLI.

My other projects:

  • tildemush, a ground-up MUSH system informed by lots of 80s/90s research combined with a contemporary digital socialization perspective. An alpha version was completed and I'm starting work on beta.
  • Graveyard Theory, my music handle. I just released a new album.
  • prosaic, a tool for making cut-up poetry from large corpora of plaintext. I've self-published two poetry collections with it.
  •, an intermittent livestream of my physical VCR
  • randomwaite, a program that manufactures tarot cards based on flickr searches + imagemagick composition. It's up as a Twitter bot that I think is sick right now but you can see examples of what it makes.

$240 - reached! per month
if we hit this goal, part of our monthly donation will go towards a paid internship for someone to help out with sysadminning and small development tasks.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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