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"Weird politics. Weird plant-things. Weird battles in which nobody dies..."

Take a real event from the English Civil War of the 1640s. Change its outcome.

Move forward a couple of centuries or so.

Give it all a bit of a steampunk twist.

What does that world look like?

What does it tell us about our own world - and what our world could be?

That's the premise for the Viner Codex project. On the surface, it's a series of stories and more about a different world - sort-of sci-fi, sort-of-steampunk, sort-of a whole lot more as well. But it's also a story about a world that might have been our own - and maybe still could be. A world that could well be a whole lot better than the one we live in right now.

The current plan for the Viner Codex is that there'll be a book-trilogy - three related stories, set in the 1850s, 1880s and 1900s. There'll be a parallel story set in the present-day, that links those other stories together. There'll be all manner of 'discovered fragments' - texts, illustrations, photographs and more. There's a website that describes all of this, and also holds the 'storyworld' for the Viner Codex. And there'll be various social-media accounts to support all of this and provide spaces for anyone to join in.

It's a story that, if we get it right, can spread across many different media, in many different forms - text, graphics, graphic-novels, games, fixtures, fashion and more.

If we get it right, it will become a space around which writers, illustrators and more can come together to share ideas, expressions, creations of all kinds.

And if we really get it right, it may become a way to explore how to repair a four-hundred-year-old mistake, and help create a better world for everyone.

Come play with us on this, perhaps?
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At this level, we will be certain of covering all our production-costs for ebooks and the running-costs for the website and storyworld - which means we'll know we can keep the story going, not just with the books but with Patreon-only content and one-off 'specials'.
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