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(Updated intro video coming soon! For now please enjoy this picture of me and my dog.)

If you're here but you're not entirely clear on what Patreon is or how it works, check out this short video:

*Note that this video explains the "per creation" method of charging whereas my Patreon goes by the monthly method. Only one flash fiction postcard is sent out each month.


Welcome to my Patreon Page. I've recently completely overhauled everything, so if you've been here before and things look unfamiliar that's probably why. Let's start with an introduction, shall we? My name is Virginia McClain, and if you're here you've probably read a book by me, or maybe you follow me on twitter. Came for the political commentary and cat photos, stayed for the occasional quotes from my toddler? Came for the badass female characters, stayed for the mildly humorous pop-culture references? Came for the women wielding katanas stayed for the talking trees and ancient dragon spirits? Whatever the case is, I'm very glad to have you here. And, I hope that you'll like my newly revamped Patreon. (If you'd like to know more about me and my writing you can always find out more at too.)

If you're wondering what I'm doing on Patreon, the answer is quite simple: writing is my day job (along with keeping the toddler alive) and while I spend 40+ hours a week working on it I don't yet make a full time salary from sales alone. But, I want to keep writing and also pay all my bills and so, I'm here to ask the folks who are keen to support the arts for whatever support they'd like to give. I've run a kickstarter before, and that went well, but it's a huge amount of work for a single project and doesn't do anything to keep the lights on after covering the costs of operations (or rather, the one I ran before didn't...I suppose if I raised quite a bit more than my goal for each project it might, but the thing is, most of that Money goes right back into the rewards so it doesn't do much for paying bills except to keep costs low).

Enter Patreon.

I originally started this in hopes that it would help build an audience for my Victoria Marmot series, and all the rewards were solely Victoria Marmot based. There will still be reward tiers that get you access to the Victoria Marmot books, and others, as they come up, but generally speaking, this Patreon is about to take a turn for the simplified.

So, what do I get for supporting you on Patreon, Virginia?

POSTCARDS!!!! Ahem. I mean big deal.

I don't know about you, but I love getting mail. Physical mail, I mean. Letters and postcards and stuff. Not junk mail, of course, not sales pitches or coupons (though those are sometimes useful) but genuine mail, meant for me personally, with a message that I've been looking forward to receiving. Another thing I like is writing flash fiction inspired by a single image. And so...I have decided to combine these two loves into...sending flash fiction postcards to all of my patrons subscribed at the $5 and over level! That's right, if you sign up for the $5 level (or above) you will receive a post card with a flash fiction story on it, and the image that inspired it, delivered straight to your actual, physical mailbox. Yay!

If that's more than you can afford, I completely understand, plus not everyone has easy access to mail, or a place to put postcards after they receive them. So, for $3 a month you can get a digital-only version of the postcard. $1 patrons will still get so much love, but won't have access to the flash fiction postcards until the month after they've mailed. These flash fiction postcards will be a Patreon only item. I will not post them anywhere else (except for 1 to 3 of them that I will use to attract new Patrons). 

Why flash fiction?

Flash fiction is difficult to do well, but it's excellent practice for any writer. Plus, it fits neatly onto a postcard! It's a great way for you to get a little bit of original, exclusive content in your mailbox, and for me to hone my story telling skills.

I like to think I'm alright at writing flash fiction, but if I'm wrong about that, I'll get a lot of practice this way and should be really good at it in the long run. Hopefully, you'll find each postcard entertaining regardless. Plus there will be beautiful photos from the lovely photographers over at (Each photographer will be credited on the postcard on which they are featured, plus here on the Patreon site.) All in all, this situation seems made of win to me.*

*There is, I'm afraid, a distinct possibility that I am biased. 

But, Virginia, what about the Victoria Marmot chapters?

Now that Victoria Marmot books one to three are in print (and book four should be out in January), I will be archiving the original Victoria Marmot chapters and no longer using them as enticement for Patrons. However, there will still be tiers of Patreon that will garner digital and paperback copies of books (or signed copies of books) whenever new books go into print, so have a look at those tiers if you're interested in receiving print books from me via Patreon.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for caring about art and artists enough to support (or even consider supporting) us financially. Thank you for being here, I hope you'll stick around!
$15 of $150 per month
I will design a t-shirt version of a flash fiction postcard, and either offer a new tier with t-shirts as a reward, or just offer them for sale to patrons. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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