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About Virno Vigoratus

About the Artist
Hi there! If you've found your way here via one of my art pages then you probably already know who I am and what I do. But for everyone else: I'm some weirdo who poses as a cartoon dog online, and draws other cartoon dogs for money! I mostly do digital art in a cell-shaded style, but I'd like to branch out more into digital painting. Here, I will mostly be drawing fan art or questionable stuff you probably don't wanna be caught looking at while at work! (I'm talking about porn! You have been warned!)

Why Am I On Patreon, and Why Should You Consider Supporting Me?
I've switched to doing commissions full time! While working with many different people is fun, it can also be tiring and make me feel like I'm working on an assembly line. With your help as a patron, I will be able to devote more time to non-commission work. This means I can practice new techniques to improve my skills and grow as an artist. I'll be able to finish more personal projects I would like to share with you guys and give you better, more frequent content. In short, more money means more art!

Future Plans
My initial goal for this page is to submit updates on a weekly basis. Depending on the tier you choose, these weekly updates will include packets of silly doodles, sketches of practice images and/or unfinished work, and one completed image. Depending on your tier you will also get access to hires versions of files, or even raw Photoshop files so you can take an in-depth look at my techniques! These current reward tiers are low-cost and low-commitment. But if enough interest and support is shown in the page, I plan to offer additional tiers with bigger rewards.

Whether or not you decide to become a patron today, thank you for taking the time to look at my page, and I hope you'll be back!

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