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Welcome to Virtual Dreams Entertainment. I am Michael.

On here you will find my complete, uncensored catalogue of audios in all their genres and nuances.
Since creativity and intuition are the prevailing elements that have defined most of my life, I have come to create this place where I can merge my passions for audio production, writing, music and storytelling and, by using my voice, build a virtual dimension for you to immerse yourself in.
From the beginning I wanted these stories to be and feel as real as possible by including intimate moments of comfort and, when the situation benefits from it, scenes of unparalleled sensuality and erotism.
Why here, though? 
We have seen it. Every single day that passes our favorite social media websites such as YouTube are getting more and more puritanical to appease adverstisers and big corporations at the cost of indipendent content creators and artists. At best they strip away the possibility to monetize work that sometimes can take weeks to make; at worst content gets restricted, censored and ultimately shut down.
Patreon is allowing content creators like myself to shape our content the way we like for you and, with your help, make this become a sustainable endeavour over time while allowing a lovely, kind and warm-hearted community to grow alongside the project.
In other words, you are the key to keep this project alive and allow it to thrive rather than let it fall into triviality.
On top of that, adding a paywall increases significantly the chances that the content is seen only by 18+ adults.

Starting from the "Per Te // For You" tier and every other one above that will grant you instant, uncensored access to all of my audios and updates before anyone else in the world.
Some content will still be released on YouTube and other medias, either as previews or in their full lenght, but there will always be delays of minimum 3 days up to potentially weeks compared to when they get first released on Patreon.
If you decide to join, please consider your tier according to your possibilities. I don't intend to make you struggle financially.
You must be
18+ years old to join.

For any doubt or inquiry you can contact me here:
[email protected]


Q: Will I get charged up front?
A: Yes, every pledge will be collected up front and then the 1st day of every month until you decide to cancel your subscription, which you can do any time you wish with no additional cost.

Q: How long are your audios?
A: Anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours. Average, I'd say 40 minutes.
Q: Are the audios designed for a female audience only?
A: You will find some gender neutral audios too, but the content is predominantly female-oriented.
Q: Will you post your audios to YouTube as well?
A: NSFW audios will be posted as previews; SFW audios may be posted in their full form, most times. There will always be a delay of at least 3 days up to potentially weeks though, so as a Patron you'll have early access before the rest of the world.
Q: Can you keep my pledge and name confidential?
A: I respect your privacy. I won't say a word. Please notify me about this desire of yours as soon as you can by writing to me at [email protected] or by sending me a DM.
Since I am aware that sometimes even receiving a private message could be unwanted, if you request anonymity I won't reply to your DMs or e-mails unless you give me permission first.
Rest assured I read ALL messages, so even if I don't reply your privacy will be perpetually granted and respected.
If I don't hear from you I'll assume you're comfortable with me thanking you publicly on Patreon and/or YouTube.
Q: Are you the only one involved in the production of your audios?

A: Yes, from recording the audios to scoring the soundtracks, writing scripts, get the SFX, editing, mixing and mastering has always been a one-man process for me. I feel like this keeps things genuine and the project true to my vision.
In the rare occasion where an SFX (sound effect) cannot be personally captured, I purchase a license from dedicated markets to always ensure the highest quality possible.
Q: Why do you define your audios as "ASMR"?
A: I chose to keep labeling my audios as ASMR because they are roleplay-centered stories where the listener and I are the main characters and usually some form of personal attention takes place. I also use a binaural set-up and am very aware of the sounds I use and even the way I speak. 
There is a meticulous preparation behind every production of mine and autonomous physical responses are likely to happen within the listener, hence ASMR.

Q: Love your accent! Where are you from? Do you have a girlfriend?
A: Thank You!
I'm from Germany, lived most of my life in Italy. My accent is intentionally tweaked a bit to make it more interesting.
And yes sweetheart, I'm married to my very understanding, amazing wife (that's an understatement, considering she allows me to do what I do). Betrayal does not reside among our ethics and we both know it, therefore making my work here and marriage coexist with harmony.
Q: How is your community?
A: I may be biased, but to me it's the best a content creator could ever wish for. Loving, kind, supportive and inspiring.
Q: What if I am a loner and just want to enjoy the content?
A: No worries. Just like I respect everyone's privacy, so can you lurk around and observe without interacting. The content is there to be enjoyed with all the peace of mind you deserve.

Discover the Audio Catalogue:

If you have any other question, feel free to contact me through the aforementioned ways.

I wish you a lovely day.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 140 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 140 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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