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About VirtuallTek

Hi! We are an army of just one man (one developer :D) who enjoy working on editing software to help people create content for the most popular 2D fighting engines and related.
Developing a huge free software is a time-consuming project. We have been working on Fighter Factory for years, helping M.U.G.E.N. community to focus on content creation in a fast workflow never seen before. With donations you can show your appreciation for this effort and at the same time support the development.
Since you found this page it's likely you already know of Fighter Factory, among many years of contribution to the community. If not, read our history bellow.

Our history

Fighter Factory  was born in 2005, with the help of MugenBR community. With a large feature set, the program gained popularity, being the most complete editor for M.U.G.E.N..
The Project started as Z-CharCAD 9, next version of one of the best M.U.G.E.N. editors in the DOS version era. Z-CharCAD was originally developed by Aziz Vicentini, who gave the source of version 7 to Ramon Saldanha (currently the only developer at VirtuallTek). Version 8 was released with a revamped interface, which at that time, don't gained much attention. The evolution of version 8 was the base for Fighter Factory arise.
This first version was coded in Pascal, as Z-CharCAD, but doesn't share a single line of code from its predecessor.
With more features, like multi-tab support, in 2008 we released Fighter Factory Ultimate. Using a new and improved code-base, still written in Pascal, this version doesn't has the same success as the first one, who people started calling Fighter Factory Classic.
Ultimate was designed to be the last and definitive version of FF. It's by far more stable and less buggy, but some changes in the interface was the main reason most people stayed on Classic one. We merged some external tools and editors on the main window, making some confusion among people that were very comfortable with the first version.
In 2009, Elecbyte returns with a new version of M.U.G.E.N., and some changes in the SFF format made impossible to edit some new content. Ultimate didn't have its time of glory and a new update became necessary.
As an ambicious project, starting from scratch on a new programming language, C++, we created the best editor people ever seen. The experience from many years and a closed group of the most amazing beta testers at the time, forged Fighter Factory 3, released to the public in 2012.
This version is faster, stable and supports everything the new version of Elecbyte's engine offers. Features people wanted were added like interface customization (can look close to the appearance of previous versions), undo/redo in all editors, less user intervention on tasks like sprite linking (with implicit sharing of sprite data), automatic palette sharing, conversion between SFF versions and more. Things get simpler and better. Every single function is far better than any previous version, and it's the first step for a fully featured IDE.

What now?

We continue our passion of making even better software to help people explore their creativity and make game content to not just M.U.G.E.N. but any other 2D engine we can support too. Fighter Factory is going outside its planned route, and creating its path to make people dreams come true.
Fighter Factory Studio is gong to be an State of the Art IDE for multiple 2D game engines. We want to be able to create and edit an entire game, working on all possible game assets. Currently supported engines are M.U.G.E.N. and OpenBoR (under alpha development).

My dream is your dream, let's have fun and make games together!

Development time

I'm changing the campaign so it suits better the way I can release content and make updates. I have several other projdcts, and a job, of course, so time is scarce. Now, I'm putting goals to increase development time. This way, the updates and new features will be added faster as the goals are met, compensating the time needed to accomplish all tasks. 
43% complete
Increase the development time a bit, so updates will be more frequent. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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