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Did you know YOU CAN CHOOSE THE AMOUNT OF YOUR PATRONAGE? We've gotten feedback that some people have visited this Patreon home page of ours and thought they had to pay $145/month (as of 10/31/2020)! That's actually our TOTAL monthly patronage amount, from all Patrons combined. CHOOSE YOUR AMOUNT! We currently value our monthly creative offerings at $5/month (think, a ticket price!) and any amount you give on Patreon over $5 a month will be considered a tax-deductible donation to Virus Theater (and THANK YOU!!!!). So join us...

During the pandemic, like many theater companies, Virus Theater’s show (and educational programs) actually can’t go on. We have hit a wall that we can't will our way through. What’s a live theater troupe to do? Innovate, collaborate, and create, of course. (By the way, we had our name and notoriety first! Take that 'Rona!).

The rural southwest town of Silver City, NM and its surrounding Gila National Forest are vital to Virus Theater. And … we have longed for years to reach out farther, to connect with wider audiences, to tell our stories in globe-spanning forums.

Like so many of us – suddenly discovering Zoom, for instance – it came to us during the pandemic:
  • We can release radio plays of originals and classics we’ve been wanting to do for years.
  • We can create and give out live captures of our ensemble-devised process and performances.
  • We can do the smaller projects and stranger experiments that never quite found their stage before.
  • We can share with our amazing community video highlights from our past decades of original plays.
  • And so much more …
We are watching the audio, live-capture, live-streamed, Zoom, and other kinds of releases our fellow worldwide theater companies are doing … and we are forming our own plan, true to the experimental, original, ensemble-devised process that is the heart of Virus Theater.

We have lots of projects planned (and some already in the making!) using screens, cameras, microphones, and the internet. It's not what we're used to – some of our actors are camera-shy, and we're frantically learning how to use recording and editing tools – but we're delighted to be thrown into the ocean of reaching all of you. We are swimming!

Please join us in this journey by becoming a Patron. Whether you've got just a bit of pocket change to spare or can afford to be more generous, your pledge will help keep us creating and sharing. All who pledge as Patrons will have access to at least one (but sometimes more!) video or audio offering each month. A very small fee goes to Patreon (thanks Patreon for the amazing platform!) and the rest goes directly to Virus Theater. We've got dramatic poetry readings, radio plays and more in the works, and we've been going through our archives to share some of the best moments from plays we've done over the past 23 years.

Here’s a little more about us…

Virus Theater was founded in 1997 in rural Silver City, New Mexico, about halfway between El Paso, TX and Tucson, AZ. We are an ensemble theater company focused on creating highly-physical ensemble-devised original theater and innovative interpretations of classical theater works. The Virus Theater ensemble trains together and constantly stretches to create new works of imaginative theater.

Virus Theater's mission is to create relevant original live theater that is accessible to our diverse community, and to provide educational opportunities for adults and children in the performing arts. Our vision is to bring people together through theater to better understand our shared humanity and to inspire individual and collective growth. Our home is El Sol Theater in downtown Silver City, New Mexico – a historic movie theater that we are renovating bit by bit into a full performing arts center. Find out more at

Virus Theater is supported through this public health crisis in part by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the New Mexico Humanities Council.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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