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Wholey Moley! THANKS for jumping in! At this tier, you'll get CREATIVE PROMPTS aplenty to think, write and draw, or make. Weeee! 

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Wow - THANKS for the money love! Glad you're here. You'll get to peek at this artist's creative process. Photos + ruminations of unfinished work, process, progress, and even failures! 

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Whoa, big heartfelt THANKS! Means a lot to have you here! 

You'll get INVITATIONS to MONTHLY-ISH, LIVE, 45 minute, ONLINE, NINJA SESSIONS, where we'll explore and experiment with creative and self reflective themes, frameworks, excerpts, and what emerges! No special materials needed, just show up with a pen and paper or your favorite journal and be ready to write, draw marks, and try new activities. It's gonna rock!

(Ninja sessions = where the day and link to join and participate are announced semi-last minute. For instance, link may come out a week, 3 days or even 1 day before the session.) 




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Morning and welcome! Amanda here. 

From my Brooklyn studio, my travels and the experiences I’ve been privileged to witness comes this page capturing the art I make and inviting you to make art alongside me (even if you don't consider yourself an artist).

I pour my heart and soul into creativity to see what emerges. ART for art’s sake. Art for you. Art for me. Art with you and me.

I’m ASKING you to become a patron by donating or following along here. I'll post regularly. Thanks for considering. YOUR SUPPORT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME. My gratitude abounds.

Stringing words together in journal entries, making marks in drawings or flinging paint onto cardboard are just some of my methods. What are yours?

Read more about projects I'm starting with and WHY patreon in prior posts!

#art #creativewriting #journaling #prompts #brooklynartist #creativelife #creativity
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When I reach 50 patrons, I'll paint something as big as me!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 64 exclusive posts

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