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Vita Ayala

Creating Queer & Brown stories

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About Vita Ayala


My name's Vita Ayala, and I write comics.

I've written some franchise stuff (DC, Marvel, Valiant), and some creator owned stuff (The Wilds, Submerged).

I write in many genres (Horror, YA, Superhero, Thriller, Drama, Romance), and have been known to write prose on occasion too.

I like to write stories that are fun, but have weight and meat to them. I want people to get sucked into the worlds I write about and be more than satisfied when they finish the last page.

If you are looking for stories from the brown, queer, or dfab perspective, you've come to the write (heh) place.

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Explanation of the "rewards"

Character Profiles: a more in depth look at characters from my Creator Owned books (like The Wilds and Submerged). Includes states, background information, faves & hates, who inspired them, concept stuff, and facts that didn't make it into the work but informed their behavior.

Writing Prompts: Stuck in a rut for your own work? I got your back. I'll be dropping writing/art prompts for Y'ALL, ranging from simple scenarios to more in depth "what ifs."

Other Fun Stuff: Fun little things like quizzes, thematic playlists, recipes, and the like. Stuff I make specifically to brighten your day!

Sample Pitches: Full pitches for stories books that have either been produced, or that there is a lot of interest in producing. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and I am a process junkie so I thought I would share what has worked. Also thinking of making up blank templates of the various formats I have used.

Sample Scripts: 5 page script samples of comics already out. If the story is a short (less than 12 pages), I will give the whole script. Final versions.

Process Stuff: 
-Samples of scripts, throughout the process of writing/editing, so you can see the changes. May include (some) editors notes as well, just to show how I interpret notes.
-Outlines of already produced work
-Script to art to lettering to final process stuff

Works In Progress: All relating to things not out yet/not picked up yet
-Pitches (short format) I am working on
-Character Profiles
-Art and concept stuff
-Script samples for Creator Owned stuff
-Previews of Creator Owned stuff

All the Stretch Goal stuff is explained in the GOALS section!
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When I reach $75 a month, I'll do some special Q&A videos where I ask some of my peers questions. Comics and literary pros, at the mercy of my inquiries mwa ha ha!

I'll do 5 questions a video.
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