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You get a peek at my pictures a week before they are published on my tumblr. And in glorious high resolution to boot!
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You get access to preview sketches and bonus images (like alternate outfits), as well as polls.
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In addition to all the previous perks, you will receive editable PSD files of my work!




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About Vitalis

Hi. I'm Vitalis, and I'm a self-taught erotic artist who's been living off commissions since 2012 and I'm here to draw smut for you. After producing art based on other people's fantasies for so long I decided to try make my own ideas reality, with your support.

Right now the pledges work on a "per creation" basis. If there is enough interest and I can manage to do regular updates, this may change to a monthly campaign.

Thanks for dropping by and thank you for your support!

Follow the links below to see more of my work:

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