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About Vitor Vilela's Laboratory

My profession is computer engineering. My passion is ROM hacking. I'm been making mods and improvement games for over 12 years since I was pretty young, mostly involving researchment around the SNES and using its feature to create or improve existing games.

I dedicate my time making new ROM hacks and studying creative ways to push the 90's hardware to the limits. I'm also working on bringing widescreen support to the SNES games and contributing for the development of SMW hacking community. I also have projects using the SA-1 and the Super FX enhancement chips!

Eventually, I grew up and I had to look for a work. I barely had any free time for doing any retrogaming project. After requests from the community, I made this Patreon page in hope that with the funds I can sustain myself dedicating solely for what I love the most: the SNES.

Games I have previously optimized:
  • Super Mario World
  • Gradius III (see pinned video)
  • Contra III
  • Super Castlevania IV
  • Super R-Type
  • Race Drivin'
  • Axelay
  • F-Zero
And there is much more to come...!

All my work is available for download, including source code on my GitHub profile. Being a patron you will let me dedicate solely for the SNES projects and you will have the opportunity to suggest potential new projects and test them before everyone else. See my goals and tiers for more information and hope you like my page :)
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300 patrons will give me more freedom to adapt my space and build my own laboratory, with all electrical and structure needed for doing even more retrogaming projects. I have a very simple working area on my dad's house which with enough earnings I can do the required renovations to make a more comfortable ambience for my work.

Reaching this goal, Vitor's Laboratory will not just exist as a Patreon page but also will exist as an actual laboratory letting me do everything needed for retro games modding.
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