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Who We Are

We sold it all and moved to Puerto Rico to become farmers after hurricane Maria destroyed the island.
(The video above is a NowThis News feature on us about what we are trying to do, to create a sustainable future for Puerto Rico through agriculture.)
We are a husband and wife team with two baby girls. My name is Drew, a Puerto Rican (Nuyorican), born and raised in Brooklyn New York and my wife Shirley, also Puerto Rican, was born and raised on the west coast of Puerto Rico. I quit my postal career of 15 years and forfeited all forms of retirement benefits and security to move here and I will never look back. Shirley is an ex-high school teacher of 6 years and between her experiences and our experiences as a married couple, it has all led us to ultimately change the direction and purpose for our lives. We are here for a reason bigger than ourselves.

We have no prior farming experience, but we have dedicated our lives to learning everything there is to know about farming. Not just any old chemical-laden, herbicidal farming, we are talking about sustainable farming, the type of farming that makes the soil thrive and not die, the type of farming that doesn't kill bees or other living things, but more specifically, agro-ecological farming. Shirley recently became a certified agro-ecological farmer through an accredited agricultural education program called El Josco Bravo at the University of Puerto Rico. Equipped with this knowledge, we have embarked on a journey to rebel against the "system" and grow our own food and educate others on the island to do the same. We seek to play a role in helping rid the island of relying on 80% imported foods. We promote buying local and empowering each other through agriculture. Our farm is called Hacienda Monte Rojo. Viva Puerto Rico!

But Why?

We wanted to help the island in any way we could, and running the rat race in the states while our island suffered was no longer something we could explain away, not for us any way, we needed a more hands-on approach. So we decided to help rebuild agriculture and somehow rebuild the coffee industry in Puerto Rico. We didn't know how we were going to do any of it, we just knew we had to get here, and so after much counseling from family that we should NOT do this, we did what any other well balanced and sound minded family would've done, we bounced anyway. Once here, we were able to see things a lot more clearly, and while learning more about coffee farms and the situation here, we were able to launch a coffee tree adoption program called Café Artesano helping various coffee farms in the program who put their trees up for adoption to help rebuild their farms. We also seek to promote food sovereignty on the island and grow our own food to encourage others to do the same through various events and workshops.

We Will Give You a Coffee Tree With Your Name on It

We fully understand that not everyone can just be as crazy as us and leave everything, I totally get it, believe me. But there is another way you can help on a more hands-on level. Why not become part of our community and make a direct and positive impact on our vision to rebuild Puerto Rico through it's most powerful resource, its fertile soil. Your support helps us to continue and move forward in the vision by equipping us with the tools needed and empowering us to make a difference. Our wins are your wins, our island is your island. We greatly appreciate you and we hope we can be of encouragement to you and to those who seek to help Puerto Rico rebuild.

Any pledge amount starting at $5 or more, gets you your own coffee tree with your name on it, frequent photos and video updates of the trees, and a digital certificate of your adoption. Plus a pound of coffee at each harvest. Certificates are printable and frameable.

All of our patron pledges become an important and crucial part of our journey to help rebuild Puerto Rico through agriculture.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Viva Puerto Rico!

Select a membership level
You Are With Us
per month

You're here and supporting the vision and that's huge. Thank you. You'll get access to our patron-only content and updates of our projects and initiatives.

Animal Care Crew Member
per month

Get access to patron-only content plus become part of our animal care crew. You get the behind the scenes look at our 2 baby goats, 2 rabbits and 9 chickens. The goats and rabbits are important to us because they provide our crops and coffee trees with nutrient rich compost to help everything grow healthy and strong. Thank you.

The Toolshed
per month

Get access to our patron-only content plus help us maintain and purchase tools. Without tools, work comes to a halt. This tier is important to running a farm. We are constantly in need of buying new tools and/or repairing the ones we already have. Thank you.

Coffee Tree Adopter
per month

Get access to our patron-only content plus get your own coffee tree.

Why Adopt a Coffee Tree?

  • It's your very own coffee tree
  • Your name goes on the tree
  • You receive a Certificate of Adoption
  • You receive quarterly updates
  • Get behind the scenes look at our coffee farm
  • Receive 1 Pound of coffee when we harvest 
Events and Workshops
per month

Get access to our patron-only content , you get your name on a coffee tree, plus become part of our future events and educational workshops. Our events and workshops will promote agroecological farming practices and buying from local farmers to help boost the local economy. We will create a special wall with all of our patrons of this tier who made these events possible. Join us in rebuilding Puerto Rico making the farms stronger than ever. 

Medicinal Gardens
per month

Get access to our patron-only content, you get your name on a coffee tree, plus take part in the development of our medicinal gardens. Through this tier we will develop medicinal garden areas for future tours.

Farm Work
per month

Get access to our patron-only content, you get your name on a coffee tree, plus a behind the scenes look into our farm and the work we put in. Planting 800 plantain trees and 950 coffee tree babies require daily maintenance and care from pulling weeds around the trees and keeping the grass down. Members of this tier help allow us to hire part-time helpers, because one person can't do it all, but 2 or 3 can.

Building Projects
per month

Get access to our patron-only content, you get your name on a coffee tree, plus become part of our building projects and directly impact what we build on the farm. We are always building things from animal housing to huts for volunteers to sleep in. Directly impact what we can build and get the behind the scenes look into our cool building projects.

The Visionary
per month

This is for those visionaries who want to participate in all of the above. Get an in-depth look at how we are rebuilding and everything we are working on. From getting your own coffee trees, to our coffee once harvested, to medicinal gardens, and access to our medicinal plants, to events, plus you can schedule to stay on our camp grounds along the river in our future huts. The total experience. Thank you for seeing the vision from the bottom of our hearts.

Tribe Member
Limited (24 remaining)
per month

  All of the above plus a chance to stay on our farm and block 2 weeks out of the year to experience our farm by the river. Get a first hand experience on being part of a movement. Must book 3 months in advance.

40 of 50 patrons
When we reach 50 patrons we be able to hire a part-time farm helper. 
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